Proven Techniques on How to Measure Brand Awareness

how to measure brand awareness



Every digital marketer that you’ll encounter knows the importance of being able to quantify and measure every task that they work on online. By doing so, they can improve and/or enhance certain methods to determine which marketing effort works and which doesn’t.


As technology continues to evolve, so does the means in which we can measure marketing campaigns that are deemed crucial, yet are seemingly hard to quantify.


A great example would be how to measure brand awareness – which is something that most businesses are very keen on promoting.


In the digital realm, this makes sense. Would you rather that your target audience/market search for random keywords related to your product and/or service; or doesn’t it make more sense to you to have them TYPE YOUR BUSINESS NAME or BRAND when searching in Google.


This is the reason why well-known brands such Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have a huge advantage over other businesses in their niche. People simply type these brand names on Google regarding anything that they need or want from these companies.


That is the power of brand awareness and recall.


It is therefore crucial to have a highly knowledgeable team of digital marketing experts to help you in measuring brand awareness online.


In doing so, you’ll know how effective your online promotional brand campaigns are and how to improve its overall impact on the World Wide Web.


Below are some of the most effective ways to measure brand awareness.


1 – Brand Mention & Search


Brand Mentions


Brand Mention gives you an insight as to how many times your brand (or something closely related to it), has been mentioned online. These may be […]

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Best Email Marketing Service Tips: How to Successfully Enhance your Email Newsletter Campaign

Best Email Marketing Service


Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to successfully market your product, brand and service to your niche. Therefore, companies are always on the lookout for the best email marketing service being offered – whether it caters to a B2B or B2C market. Not only does it allow you to further expand your goals and reach, it also leads to an increase in sales, engagement, subscribers and so forth.


Contrary to what some say about email marketing not being as effective compared to other digital mediums such as SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, etc., is far from true. For your email marketing campaign to succeed, you need to delve into the basics. This means implementing “tried and tested” methods, and then incorporating an email marketing strategy tailored to your market.


How you personally craft your email is the key that will give you that “edge” over your competitors – as well as businesses who simply lack the time, interest or creativity to do so.


If you want your email to stand out, then you need to focus on what works for your audience and not be a “cookie-cutter” that simply follows every new and exciting email marketing trend out there.


Subject Lines that Speak to Your Prospects


To ensure that all your hard work in creating your email newsletter does not go to waste, create a subject line that easily captures the interest of your market. You do this by informing your recipients “what they can expect” when they read your email.


Mind you, this could be tricky based on recent studies. Due to the […]

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