Mobile SEO Strategy: How to Prepare for the Mobile First Index

Mobile SEO Strategy


Given that mobile devices have exceed desktop usage since 2015, it only makes sense that you create a mobile SEO strategy that would help your website rank better, especially since Google has already announced that is moving towards the mobile-first approach.

After seeing the increase of mobile usage, you can foresee that user behavior and expectations will grow as a result of this. A good example would be a study conducted by Google where they found that smartphone users have a much higher buying intent rate compared to desktop users.

This only goes to show that having a separate Mobile SEO strategy is crucial especially when Google rolls out its mobile-first index which will be on 2018.



Mobile-Friendly Configuration


mobile SEO best practices


When it comes to mobile SEO best practices, you have three options with regards to your site’s mobile configuration. These include responsive design, dynamic serving and separate domain.


Responsive Design

The maintenance for this type is easy because you use only one code base. This means that it requires little to no additional configurations for search engines.


This is due to the fact that it uses a single URL and HTML with no redirects nor device detection. Moreover, this configuration also lessens SEO risks such as duplicate content and keyword cannibalization.


It’s no wonder Google prefers responsive design because it adapts to the device being used.


If your website is responsive, then the chances of it appearing in the new mobile-first index is highly probable.


Also, make sure to add the meta name=”viewport” declaration in the head of your documents to ensure that your website is mobile-proof.


On the down-side, this […]

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Social Media Lead Generation Tactics

Social Media Lead Generation


Social Media is a force to be reckon with when it comes to generating highly qualified leads that produces ROI – thanks to its massive reach, online influence and its advance targeting capabilities.


It’s no wonder businesses invest money, effort and time interacting and building their online presence on social media – knowing that their prospects spend more time on it than eating, drinking and socializing.


Truth be told, social is the ideal platform for businesses looking to build a brand connection. In doing so, you foster trust before thinking of selling anything to anybody. This enables you to gain loyal customers and eventually become a brand that people wouldn’t mind being associated with.


By implementing successful social media lead generation tactics, such as the ones below, you can attract your target audience; generate conversions and sales, build brand awareness, experience higher revenue, productivity and steady growth.



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How to Generate Leads through Social Media Gated Content


By coming up with content that is deemed valuable to your niche, you can prompt your prospects to fill-out a form with their basic contact information in exchange for this.


Gated Content can come in the form of eBooks, future newsletters, live demos, quote estimates, webinars and white papers. Capture the interest of your audience by making it visually appealing by using gifs, images, videos or stats.



How to Generate Leads on Social Media via Exclusive Deals and Offers


Great deals are […]

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Proven Techniques on How to Measure Brand Awareness

how to measure brand awareness



Every digital marketer that you’ll encounter knows the importance of being able to quantify and measure every task that they work on online. By doing so, they can improve and/or enhance certain methods to determine which marketing effort works and which doesn’t.


As technology continues to evolve, so does the means in which we can measure marketing campaigns that are deemed crucial, yet are seemingly hard to quantify.


A great example would be how to measure brand awareness – which is something that most businesses are very keen on promoting.


In the digital realm, this makes sense. Would you rather that your target audience/market search for random keywords related to your product and/or service; or doesn’t it make more sense to you to have them TYPE YOUR BUSINESS NAME or BRAND when searching in Google.


This is the reason why well-known brands such Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have a huge advantage over other businesses in their niche. People simply type these brand names on Google regarding anything that they need or want from these companies.


That is the power of brand awareness and recall.


It is therefore crucial to have a highly knowledgeable team of digital marketing experts to help you in measuring brand awareness online.


In doing so, you’ll know how effective your online promotional brand campaigns are and how to improve its overall impact on the World Wide Web.


Below are some of the most effective ways to measure brand awareness.


1 – Brand Mention & Search


Brand Mentions


Brand Mention gives you an insight as to how many times your brand (or something closely related to it), has been mentioned online. These may be […]

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