The top 10 AI frameworks and top 10 AI staffing roles in demand in the Philippines

Artificial intelligence has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. With its ability to automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions, AI has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and make our lives easier. As a result, many companies and organizations have begun to invest in AI and machine learning, and the demand for Artificial intelligence (AI) staff in the Philippines is at an all-time high. 


In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 AI frameworks, as well as the top 10 job roles that will be in demand in the AI industry. We will also discuss how staff in the Philippines will be in demand for these roles and how offshore staffing companies like Outsourced can assist with hiring the top AI professionals in the Philippines. 

The top 10 AI frameworks in the Philippines

AI is a rapidly growing field with a wide range of applications, and the demand for professionals with AI skills is at an all-time high. The top 10 AI frameworks and the top 10 job roles in demand in the industry are TensorFlow, Microsoft Azure, Amazon SageMaker, IBM Watson, AWS Deep Learning AMIs, Caffe, Keras, PyTorch, OpenCV and CNTK.

  1. TensorFlow: Developed by Google, TensorFlow is an open-source platform that is widely used for building and deploying machine learning models.
  2. Microsoft Azure: Microsoft’s cloud-based platform offers a wide range of AI services, including machine learning, cognitive services, and bot services.
  3. Amazon SageMaker: A fully-managed platform for building, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models.
  4. IBM Watson: A suite of AI services and tools, including natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning.
  5. AWS Deep Learning AMIs: A set of Amazon Machine Images that makes it easy to get started with deep learning on the cloud.
  6. Caffe: An open-source deep learning framework developed by the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center.
  7. Keras: An open-source neural network library written in Python.
  8. PyTorch: An open-source machine learning library based on the Torch library.
  9. OpenCV: An open-source computer vision library that includes implementations of a wide range of image processing and computer vision algorithms.
  10. CNTK: Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, an open-source deep learning framework for training neural networks.

The top 10 AI staffing roles in the Philippines

As the demand for AI continues to grow, so too will the demand for professionals with the skills to work with these frameworks.The top 10 Artificial intelligence staff roles in the Philippines include:

  1. Machine learning engineer
  2. Data scientist
  3. AI developer
  4. Natural language processing engineer
  5. Computer vision engineer
  6. Deep learning engineer
  7. Business intelligence analyst
  8. AI architect
  9. Robotics engineer
  10. AI project manager

In the Philippines, there is a growing demand for professionals with AI skills, particularly in the areas of data science and machine learning. With a large pool of highly-skilled and well-educated professionals, the Philippines has become a popular destination for companies looking to outsource their AI and machine learning work. This trend is likely to continue as the demand for AI continues to grow, and as more companies recognize the cost-effectiveness and high-quality work that can be found in the Philippines.

AI staff in the Philippines are in high demand for these roles and the trend will continue. As the field of AI continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how these frameworks and the demand for AI professionals continue to grow and change in the future.

Outsource AI staffing roles to the Philippines

One of the key advantages of working with Outsourced is our ability to find and retain the best AI staff in the Philippines. Outsourced has a rigorous screening and selection process that ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to our clients. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of recruiters who have extensive experience in the AI industry and are able to identify the most promising candidates. We also provide ongoing support to ensure our clients are satisfied with the performance of their staff and that the staff are happy and motivated in their roles.

Outsourced is the best offshore staffing company to use for hiring your staff in the Philippines if you are looking for AI specialists. Our deep experience in the AI industry, rigorous screening and selection process, and ongoing support make us the best choice for finding and retaining top talent. With Outsourced, you can be confident that you are getting the best AI professionals to help your business grow.

Contact Outsourced for more information on how we can build your expert team of AI staff in the Philippines. 


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What are the most popular IT Outsourcing roles in the Philippines?

IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business processes, application services and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. IT Outsourcing is a booming industry in the Philippines. 

Outsourced.ph is a specialised IT outsourcing company providing quality Outsourced IT staff in the Philippines and has helped countless companies around the world build talented IT teams. Rather than solely relying on expensive onshore staff to tackle IT tasks, with an offshore IT team in the Philippines you can scale and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally. 

IT outsourcing Philippines

IT Outsourcing is not always aimed solely at reducing costs. Rather, outsourcing is a strategic decision to use better resources and ensure business efficiency. IT Outsourcing will not solve every solution, rather it is a set of tools that can help create more efficient businesses. Recent research has revealed that 36% of companies outsource for innovation and 37% outsource for growth. You should consider IT outsourcing as one of your tools to optimise your business.

Outsourced has over a decade of experience hiring talented IT staff in the Philippines. We have experience hiring everything from web developers and software engineers, through to tech help-desk support and network engineers. 

In our experience the 5 most popular IT outsourcing categories in the Philippines are:

1. Development / Engineering / Programming

2. Tech support

3. Testing

4. Consulting & Analysis

5. IT Services

    Whether you need a home-based Devops Engineer, a remote full stack developer or an office-based team of expert game developers we have the experience to build your quality home-based or office-based IT team in the Philippines.

    If you are interested in IT outsourcing services for your development, tech support, testing, analysis or IT management in the Philippines, then look no further than Outsourced. Contact us today to learn more about starting a dedicated IT team in the Philippines. 

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    Hiring Remote Filipino Web Designers, Developers, Programmers and SEO: How It Can Boost Your Bottomline

    Hire a Filipino website designer, developer or programmer - outsourced ph

    Are you looking for a Filipino website designer, developer, programmer or SEO expert? Outsourced has a vast range of fully qualified and highly experienced IT staff who are perfect for the roles you need filled. Whatever type of IT specialist you need, Outsourced has the proven ability to find you the people you need when you need them.

    Let’s take a look at some of the offshore IT professionals you can hire, so you can be sure that the person who joins your team is perfect for their role. 

    Filipino website designer

    A Filipino website designer is usually a graphic artist who designs the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website. They are highly creative professionals with a fine eye for detail. Some Filipino web designers, however, are also web developers (who focus more on the coding of your website), so the type of person you hire depends on your IT needs.

    Filipino developers

    As mentioned above, Filipino developers are focused on building the core structure of your website, more than how it looks or its usability. They actually convert the design of your website (created by your Filipino website designer) into a working and functional online website. Some Filipino developers are also web designers, but once again, the person you hire will depend on your needs.

    Filipino programmers

    Outsourced has access to a large network of Filipino programmers with a wide range of skills, depending on your needs. These include software developers, fullstack developers, application developers, middleware programmers, backend developers and even software engineers. Whatever type of Filipino programmer you need for your business, Outsourced can recruit the perfect person for the role.

    Filipino SEO specialists

    If you have a website, then you need a Filipino SEO specialist to help make it a success. Your Filipino SEO expert will improve the rankings of your website on search engines, increase traffic to your site, boost leads, sales and profits, as well as increase the awareness of your brand within your target audience.  

    Benefits of building your team with Outsourced

    As an ISO certified business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, Outsourced provides full-time, dedicated offshore staff to a wide variety of businesses. There are many benefits to this recruitment strategy, not least being that it’s extremely cost-effective. Here are a few more of the benefits that may resonate with your business.

    • We manage the recruitment and onboarding processes for you.
    • You have access to a vast talent pool of qualified and experienced employees.
    • We provide state-of-the-art offshore facilities to your new staff.
    • You save up to 75% of hiring locally.
    • We offer transparent fixed monthly rates.
    • There’s no long term contracts.
    • It’s a very cost effective strategy.
    • We are ISO certified.

    How does it work?

    If you want to hire a Filipino website designer, for example, just provide us with a job description and a set of criteria. Next, we search through our vast network to find a shortlist of potential candidates, you make your selection and we hire them. We can also perform the onboarding process as well, if required. Your dedicated, full-time Filipino web designer works locally at our facilities and we’ll provide them with all the resources and infrastructure they need to perform their work for your company. They report to you daily, whilst we manage their operations. Too easy!

    For more information on hiring offshore Filipino IT staff, contact Outsourced today.

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    Hire Python Developers in the Philippines

    hire python developers in the Philippines

    Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. 

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    IT Professionals for Hire: The Most In-Demand Tech-Related Jobs

    IT Professionals for Hire


    Living in the digital age means that the role of technology continuous to evolve and our dependency towards it essentially grows. As it provides convenience and comfort, it greatly influences our lifestyle to the point that businesses have adapted certain practices to ensure that they remain competitive in their niche.

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    Tips On Hiring the Right Web Design and Development Company

    When it comes to building or redesigning your website, it is crucial that you take into consideration the amount of time, money and the quality of the work being delivered. After all, your brand is being viewed on the internet by billions of online users who could potentially be converted into clients or consumers.

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    Ten Common Types of Web Developers in the Philippines

    If you’re a manager looking after a team of offshore web developers in the Philippines or in the process of looking for some, you’ll find that you’re encounter particular quirks or personalities that you can group together to create a successfully dynamic group. All individual remote developers in the Philippines possess different work styles paired with a different skill set, and you can benefit for paying close attention to these, especially if you’re looking for a particular personality to join your team.


    Here are some common types of web developers that you will definitely come across:

    1. The Conventionalists

    These guys are stickler for rules and prefer that way when given opportunities of web development. They aren’t the most keen group of people when using diverse frameworks and libraries are they are contented with their pre-existing conventional methods and tools. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix’.

    However don’t mistake this hard-t0-budge attitude for a lack of competence. They are usually the group of developers who are majorly referred to as the expert developers in their respective field and have been in the industry for quite some time. It’s good to have a few of these on your team to create stability and have a presence of expertise.

    2. The Go-Getters

    These people who prioritise getting the job done and encompass the saying “work smart, not hard”. They’re equipped with the latest functions, tools, strategies and workflow that help them create advanced web projects. Most of them have their own set of premade modules and libraries to simplify their workflow and maximise productivity.

    3. The Perfectionists

    There’s always one in any group dynamic. The perfectionists who go above and beyond coding. They leave coments, pay great attention to naming variables and do the dirty work aka documentation. In the developer world, this category is very rare. I mean let’s be real here: when’s the last time you left a detailed comment or wrote a manual for your software?

    4. The Ninjas

    You’re a man of few words and keep to yourself. You’re an enigma: not outright friendly or forthcoming yet you surprisingly work well on a team. People notice your tireless nature and can’t figure out how you do everything so effectively and efficiently – all the work seems to be done, but there’s little evidence to suggest that you did it in the first place. Sounds like you? Congratulations, you’re the resident ninja.

    People usually believe that in order to work well in a team, you need to be flamboyant and a grade A socialite. However the Ninja is a walking example of proving this myth wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having reserved people on your team who don’t care for work relations and focus on getting the job done. The no-nonsense attitude figure can be very beneficial to work with.

    5. The Ambassador

    This person is pretty much the complete opposite of the Ninja. They’re in the spotlight and is generally the face of the team and unofficial project manager. Although they hold proficient programming skills, this is primarily used to know how to communicate and relate between client and web developer rather than doing the hard work themselves. In his supervisory role, the Ambassador is the in-between guy, ensuring that every project meets the requirements and satisfies the client whilst balancing practicality.

    6. The Researchers

    For every researcher, a code is just not a code as it becomes a topic of discussion, blog and Q&A for them. They carry out discussions, meetings and majorly share their theories and findings to let others know about their opinions and findings. For them, every single web jargon has an amazing conversation behind it and they duly do their research to explore more.

    7. The Speedy Multitasker

    The multi-tasker thrives on taking on multiple projects at once and works much faster than most – however it comes at a price. The amazing speed they work out may be tarnished by the quality as the speed results from cutting corners and hacking cores since they believe optimising the checking code takes too long. Despite this trainwreck of a person, the product works just as well . Cutting corners may not be the most favourable practice, but in an impossible turn of events, your speedster may still be an invaluable part of your team of web developers.

    8. The Scholar

    The Scholar or better known as the “Know-It-All” is pretty much the figure amongst web developers who is known to be a walking encyclopedia on programming. They’re the one you naturally drift to when you have any questions or concerns about coding as they can spend hours passionately discussing the history of a programming language or dissecting an imperfect code. They feel obliged to impact knowledge to others and share his/her passion for the theory and technical intricacies of coding and programming. They try their best to explain to clients why using state of the art technology is so important. After all, every project is his/her precious child.

    This figure can be an amazing contribution to your team, but be sure to channel his energy on important projects, rather than waste time satisfying his urge to delve into every trivial detail.

    9. The Geek

    Workaholic doesn’t even begin to describe the Geek, or the martyr of web developers. This gem goes beyond the call of duty to deliver the project and takes great pride of their work. Lunch hours consist of eating and frantically finishing off a project ahead of schedule, and free time involves books, journal articles and the like to improve himself and his skill set. The epitome of an introvert, he feels most comfortable in the world of code and programming jargon. For this reason, they make a much better person as a worker bee than a leader.

    10. The Debuggers

    Or as I like to call it, the web developer Knights in Shining Armour. Debugging is a skill in itself, where it’s true power and strength can only be brought out when the page shows “Internal Service Error 500” and are ready to save the day. They’re not only capable of catching and eliminating bugs in their own code, but in codes written by others too. Well versed with all debugging tools and have a very clear knowledge of a flow of events and ability to spot the trigger in the chain.

    If you would like to learn more about starting your team of remote web developers in the Philippines simply contact Outsourced today and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally.

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    Outsource Python Development to Outsourced

    python development outsourcing - Outsourced PH

    With the introduction of new and innovative technologies and hardware devices to accommodate for this, the requirement and demand for optimal user experience increases over time. Technology depreciates at a much faster rate than our expectation – constant modification and updates are required to keep up with the constant digital advancements and the ever changing market demand. In addition, the wire variety of different portable platforms such as smartphones, tablets and laptop-tablet hybrids that need to be accommodated for can be extremely overwhelming to a developer. This is where Python comes in, as well as the need to outsource python development.

    What is Python?

    Python is an all purpose language that is simple to learn and incredibly legible. It is capable of expanding web apps, user interfaces and data analysis. It is extremely helpful when combatting the rise in hand-held computer devices such as smartphones and tablets with 3G/4G browsing, HD gaming capabilities and general day-to-day administration features. Python is able to handle the development of high-speed mobile apps, games and keep up with demand and provide an optimal user experience.

    Why Should You Entrust Python Development Outsourcing To Us?

    Reliable and extensive services

    In case you need to see a functional prototype, a small team can use Python to rapidly provide a prototype using a free IDE with a free account on supporting app engines such as Google App Engine. This will enable you to visibly see your trial app and see how it runs with no licensing or app hosting charges attached. This is extremely beneficial if you end up axing the app development to progress further, saving huge significant costs since you initially hired the services of minimal developers.

    Agility and Flexibility

    The Python development cycle leans heavily towards the agile methodology so you can hire a varying degree of expertise along the various stages of development scums, based on the functionality. This again leads to a reduction in costs and adds flexibility.

    Reliable Management

    You can remotely manage your offshore development team and monitor their progress, right from the initial planning stage to the actual project delivery. Most IT outsourcing companies also provide assistance in monitoring and controlling from their end to ensure your agreed timeline is being met.

    Support and Risk Hedging

    The outsourcing company has its own set of backup/risk mitigating plans, so you entire projects is covered especially in the case the experts assigned to your project decide to leave for whatever reason. Usually a pool of backup developers are ready 24/7 to smoothly fill in as a replacement without risking the project falling behind on the deployment schedule. This is a very valuable incentive when you have an outsourcing partner to look after your work, as it eliminates you wasting your time looking for new staff members.
    When you outsource python development to the right outsourcing IT partner, you can heavily reduce costs and even speed up project development and deployment, something that may not be the case with an in-house team. You have advanced and skilled remote staff ready to immediately start working for you whom only need to be hired for the time period that you require them. In the end you will be left with a high quality Python application, delivered before or on time and sticking to the estimated agreed budget limit. For more information on Outsourced’s python development services, talk to our technical team today!

    Outsourced is an Outsourcing and BPO Philippines company that offers high quality outsourced it services and provides a highly professional offshore staff for businesses worldwide. As one of the leading IT Bpo Solutions expert today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff who are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information on how to get started with Outsourced, contact us today.


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    What To Consider When Hiring Your Outsourced QA Testing Team

    It is crucial your Outsourced QA testing team is employed by the right set of people. It goes without saying that quality assurance practices is a crucial step to any company.

    Quality Assurance practices (or QA for short) allows a product to be tested thoroughly before being available to the market or client. This ensures that any design or functional flaws are caught before it is released; if too many problems are discovered by the client or the public, it can cause customer distress and you may find that there is hesitation to work with your company further, especially if they are first time client. Often the nature of these QA practices is what separates companies and products from each other – those who offer a quality guarantee are more inclined to attract and retain customers, whilst poorly managed processes increase the likelihood of risks, loss of product value and overall customer dissatisfaction. See the list of things to consider when managing and employing your QA team to maximise excellence and achievement.

    outsourced testing, outsourced QA testing, outsourced software testing

    Engagement Models

    Selecting an engagement model is the crucial aspect of developing the outsourcing plan. The process involves several factors, including aspects of international business strategy, selecting the geographical location, understanding the landscape and deciding on the outsourcing strategy. Two main models to select from is incremental outsourcing, which divides the work into smaller, more manageable projects with well defined deliverables which mitigates any potential risks; or total outsourcing, where multiple projects and programs are outsourced to a web development service provider with a dedicated onsite team that coordinates an outsourced staff who does the bulk of the work. Choosing and sticking to a model will ensure fluidity with your outsourced QA team scouting and selection.

    Service level agreements

    Service Level Agreements, or SLAs for short, outline the minimum level of service to be provided by the outsourcing vendor. They should be objective, measurable and have no ambiguity which will help both parties in the long run to work seamlessly together. Good examples that should be considered include:

    • On time delivery – dates must be agreed from the outset on all major deliverables with all efforts to stick to this deadline
    • Client satisfaction – periodic surveys conducted to ensure the service lives up to the expectations of the clients/customers
    • Sensitivity – the amount of time required for an outsource company to handle a request
    • Effectiveness – focus on lowering costs, improving profit and adjusting business transactions
    • Volume of work – this is to determine how projects are billed. It’s often difficult to define but one of the most crucial aspects of the SLA
    • System Downtime and Availability – in outsourcing, guaranteeing 100% availability of services costs significantly more than guaranteeing 99% or even 98, and not every company needs 100%. The SLA should request service availability to meet specific business needs.


    Once the contract is signed there will be a period of mobilisation for both parties. This phase generally includes setting up communication protocol with the client, defining work breakdown structure, sharing standard templates with the client, building test strategy etc. Some of the key elements include:


    Offshore outsourcing providers such as Outsourced maintain a pool of highly qualified professionals which include QA engineers, QA leads, project managers and technical specialists. These outsourcing partners have unique centres of excellence to train their interns and employees and various testing methodologies and tools to guarantee their success within the companies they are outsourced to. Ensuring the most appropriate resources for your requirements are in place is critical for the success of the engagement.

    Knowledge acquisition

    Outsourcing providers follow various approaches to obtain adequate knowledge for the test engineers to understand the core business requirements and also the critical functionality to be tested. Test leads or managers will be sent onsite long/short term to meet various stakeholders in the client organisation to understand the product system and it’s features. They will assume the responsibility of training the offshore team on the product/system to be tested and all the features of it that he client and the outsourcing vendor have agreed to be tested.


    Some applications require extensive compatibility testing in different environments and back-end database systems. Other applications need to be tested in production-sized environments that closely resemble the final production environment. Outsourcing business providers, with their extensive test labs, should simulate the production environment for performing such complex levels of testing. The cost for setting up this environment offshore would be negotiated with customers with a cost effective solution being drawn in favour of both parties.

    Integration with other third party service providers

    Independent QA and testing is becoming more and more common. One of the reasons for this is that it provides objective rigor and thoroughness that might not be provided by a single vendor. However in this scenario, it is important that all the parties work harmoniously together to achieve the optimal result. A clearly defined defect management and resolution process should be established as a high priority and making sure consistent reporting styles on progress will make it easier on all parties to assess the readiness of any application throughout its lifecycle.


    Outsourcing It providers facilitate seamless communication between the client and their stakeholders. As communication is considered a key obstacle in outsourcing, providers maintain effective channels and points of contact (POC) open to clients. An effective model and plan should be tailored to the needs of the client would help both parties in identifying and resolving issues promptly. It is also important that formal reporting or scheduled progress updates are delivered accordingly. This will not only ensure that a consistent progress flow is occurring, but it gives plenty of opportune moments to develop interpersonal working relationships with your software testing or QA team.

    Flexibility and Scalability

    Outsourced QA and testing agreements demand a degree of flexibility and scalability to help ensure fluctuations in scope and timescales can be met. Your offshore solutions provider must have an organisation with infrastructure and resources sufficiently sized so that the client demands are met. The correct scope and planning helps prevent this but some eventualities are unavoidable. It is therefore important that clients have an expectation that should the nature of the requirements change, there will be provision made within the contract or through food change management processes.

    Quality Improvement

    The key objective of the client is to gain a significant improvement in quality and this can be

    achieved through the benefits of outsourcing. In order to do this, there are some fundamental steps that need to be taken. The outsourcing provider needs to asses and map the clients testing capability to understand how the engagement is going to to work. Identifying the “major gaps” in test processes from the outset and implementing positive changes to address these will result in quality improvements. as the relationship matures between the two parties, there should be a willingness to continually improve process and working methods etc. This should not necessarily be restricted to just texting, but the whole lifecycle if it improves the end product.

    Outsourced is a leading BPO solutions and outsourcing company in the Philippines. We provide a dedicated remote staff and offer high quality outsourced IT services for businesses worldwide. Our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore staff, such as a quality assurance tester; who are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information on how to get started with Outsourced, contact us today.

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    Hire Joomla developers. Joomla Development in the Philippines

    Joomla is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) which has been downloaded over 35 million times and is used by leading organisations such as the High Court of Australia, Barnes & Noble and Heathrow Airport. It is currently the second most used CMS in the world (after WordPress).

    If you are looking for Joomla developers in the Philippines then you have come to the right place. Outsourced allows you to hire Joomla developers who will work full time for you from our office in Manila, Philippines. We place exceptional Joomla Web Developers who specialise in Joomla Development and who will provide exceptional code quality and service.

    Joomla is written in PHP and stores data in a MySQL database. Outsourced can provide expert PHP/MySQL Developers who specialise in Joomla Development. We focus on placing web developers of the highest standards and provide exceptional offshore staffing solutions. For more information simply contact us.

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    Happy client testimonials

    Extremely professional

    "Outsourced are an extremely professional organisation, easy to to do business with and lightening fast at sorting things out. The staff are super friendly with a 'can do' attitude. They also treat our team very well and we have no complaints (happy productive staff means a happy client)."

    Extension of our company

    "We have been so happy with the people they have brought on board we have decide to expand the operation. This is testament to the flexibility and determination of the Outsourced team who have been more like an extension of our company rather than a 3rd party."

    Incredibly helpful

    "Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

    High quality

    "I want to stress that we have greatly appreciated the services of Outsourced, the service has been exemplary and the work high quality; the staff have been a pleasure to work with. We would like to retain an ongoing relationship with Outsourced."