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10 tips to make your offshore team a long-term success

Building a long-term, successful offshore remote team can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy and approach, it can be highly rewarding. Offshore teams are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses seek to tap into the cost and talent benefits of working with remote workers. One country that has emerged as a leader in the offshore outsourcing industry is the Philippines. With its large pool of highly-skilled English-speaking professionals and favorable time zone, the Philippines is a prime destination for businesses seeking to establish an offshore remote team. However, successfully managing a remote team in the Philippines, or any other location for that matter, requires careful planning and attention to detail.

In this article, we will provide 10 tips for building a long-term, successful offshore remote team.

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10 tips to make your offshore team a long-term successEstablish clear communication channels: Regular and effective communication is essential for building a strong remote team. Establish clear channels of communication and encourage open dialogue to ensure everyone is on the same page. Provide comprehensive training: To ensure that your remote team members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, provide comprehensive training and ongoing support. This will help to minimize mistakes and ensure that they are productive from day one. Make them feel like part of the team: Remote team members should feel like they are a valued and integral part of the team. Regularly scheduled video calls, online chats, and virtual team building activities can help build relationships and foster a sense of community. Avoid micromanagement: Micromanagement can quickly lead to resentment and low morale among remote team members. Instead, trust them to […]

What makes the Philippines the best place to build your offshore teams?

The Philippines is a rapidly growing destination for businesses looking to build offshore teams. With its large pool of talented and English-speaking workers, the country is quickly becoming the top outsourcing destinations in the world. But what makes the Philippines the best place to build your offshore teams? In this article, we will explore the key factors that make the Philippines the ideal location for outsourcing and building offshore teams.

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The Philippines – The best place to build your offshore teamEnglish Proficiency: The Philippines has one of the highest levels of English proficiency in Asia. This is due to the country’s history of American colonization and the fact that English is widely taught in schools. This makes it easier for businesses to communicate and work with their offshore teams in the Philippines. In fact, English is one of the official languages of the country and is widely spoken, making it the ideal destination for outsourcing for companies looking for English-speaking talent. Skilled and Talented Workforce: The Philippines has a large pool of highly skilled and talented workers. Many Filipinos have received quality education and have received technical training and certifications, making them well equipped to handle a wide range of tasks and projects. From software development to customer service, the Philippines has a talented pool of professionals ready to work with companies from around the world. Cost-Effective: The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower compared to other developed countries. This means that businesses can save on labor costs by outsourcing to […]

Outsourcing v Offshoring v Offshore Outsourcing v Offshore Staffing v Remote Staffing v Outstaffing 

Within the outsourcing and offshore staffing industry there are many ways to explain the same or similar services which can be very confusing for everyone. We’ve tried to help below by listing some of the phrases used to explain services that are actually very similar and linked in many ways.

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Outsourcing v Offshoring v Offshore Outsourcing

The simplest way to explain the difference is Outsourcing means to use a 3rd party (not necessarily offshore), Offshoring means to move services offshore (not necessarily via a 3rd party) and Offshore Outsourcing means to use a 3rd party offshore to deliver services for you.

With project based Outsourcing the relationship is managed through a single point of contact under an account-based model e.g, you might engage an outsourced agency Philippines to design a logo. Offshoring is the practice of moving a company’s operating base to a foreign country where labour costs are cheaper. Offshoring is a type of outsourcing where you create an extension of your business or team in another country. Offshore Outsourcing is to combine offshoring with outsourcing. That is to move production to a third-party that is based in an overseas location typically where the cost of salaries is lower.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors. BPO is deemed “offshore outsourcing” if the contract is sent to another country. Typically the BPO will handle absolutely everything related to your offshore business processes (including hiring and processes).

Offshore Staffing v Remote Staffing v Outstaffing

These are all really the same thing said […]

Hire SQL Developers in the Philippines

At Outsourced we have experience hiring professional SQL developers in the Philippines who have experience working in development environments like Oracle SQL Developer and supporting applications written in Java, C++ and C# and PHP. We also have experience hiring SQL Developers with .NET framework skills when specializing in Microsoft SQL Server.

Hire SQL Developer In the Philippines


Hire JAVA Developers in the Philippines

Java (owned by Oracle) is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. 

Java is one of the most popular programming languages running on over 3 billion devices worldwide. It is used to develop desktop and mobile applications, big data processing, embedded systems, and so on. 

Hire Java Developer In the Philippines (more…)

Staff recruitment Philippines style – How does offshore recruitment work?

Hire an offshore game moderator from the Philippines - Outsourced PH

As a successful recruitment agency in Manila, Outsourced understands that hiring the right team of workers is essential to the growth of your business. Staff recruitment Philippines style means that we provide you with only the best quality candidates who possess the right skills and character traits to fit easily into your workplace culture. (more…)

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"Outsourced are an extremely professional organisation, easy to to do business with and lightening fast at sorting things out. The staff are super friendly with a 'can do' attitude. They also treat our team very well and we have no complaints (happy productive staff means a happy client)."

"We have been so happy with the people they have brought on board we have decide to expand the operation. This is testament to the flexibility and determination of the Outsourced team who have been more like an extension of our company rather than a 3rd party."

"Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

"I want to stress that we have greatly appreciated the services of Outsourced, the service has been exemplary and the work high quality; the staff have been a pleasure to work with. We would like to retain an ongoing relationship with Outsourced."

“Outsourced have a great office space and a great support team who are always willing to help. We were able to pivot quickly and within 6 weeks we were able to start our team. We are very happy with Outsourced.”

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