Hire A Virtual Assistant for Marketing in the Philippines

Any business can benefit from a well developed marketing campaign, whether that’s locally, nationally or internationally. The best way to speed up your marketing efforts is to hire a virtual assistant for your marketing campaigns, particularly since it also saves you money.

That’s because outsourcing in the Philippines saves you up to 75% of the costs compared to hiring locally. When you use Outsourced to find your ideal virtual assistant, we also manage all the recruitment and onboarding, as well as providing all the resources they need to fulfil their role with your company. So you save a significant amount of money when you take on remote staff.

Offshore staffing is also one of the best strategies to gain access to a highly talented pool of professionals in the Philippines who have the qualifications, experience and skills you need. As far as marketing is concerned, we can for example, provide you with a virtual assistant for social media marketing, virtual assistant for Instagram accounts or a SEO virtual assistant, all based in the Philippines. We can also provide you with a virtual assistant who has a broad range of skills covering the areas of expertise you require.

Below are some of the tasks that can be performed by your remote staff and you will notice that some of these tasks overlap. It all depends on your needs and the skillset of the virtual assistant you require for your marketing campaigns.

Virtual assistant for marketing campaigns

A virtual assistant for marketing campaigns has a broad range of skills and can develop and manage your email marketing campaigns, create newsletters, research keywords, manage your blog and write content for your website. They can also create and manage your social media accounts, create lead magnets and analyse competitor strategies.

Virtual assistant for social media marketing

Your virtual assistant for social media marketing will develop an effective social media strategy for your business. They will set up your social media accounts (if you haven’t already created them yourself), create content for these accounts and grow your social media presence. A virtual assistant for social media campaigns will also write and post the content for these accounts, monitor the accounts and engage your followers.

Virtual assistant for Instagram accounts

A virtual assistant for Instagram accounts will set up your account (if you have not already done so), create content and engage your followers. They will also define your target audience and decide which type of content best engages your followers, creating graphics, captions and videos for your posts. 

Virtual assistant for SEO

A virtual assistant for SEO can focus on both on-site and off-site SEO for your website. This involves both keyword research and content writing but can also include optimising your website for its usability (improving navigation and layout, increasing page loading speeds, and so on). Your SEO virtual assistant will also optimise all your metadata and content, load and utilise Google Analytics, develop opportunities for guest blogging, identify and repair broken links and analyse your competitors to find areas for improvement.

For more information on hiring a virtual assistant for marketing, SEO, social media or Instagram campaigns in the Philippines, call the team at Outsourced today.