Two of the biggest limitations when you are trying to grow and expand a business are operational costs and finding the right staff. If you outsource to the Philippines however, you can solve both of these challenges at the same time. That’s why an increasing number of international businesses outsource many of their labour intensive tasks, as well as some of their more critical jobs to the Philippines.

To help you decide whether hiring remote staff in the Philippines and outsourcing some of your tasks is a suitable strategy for your business, here are seven benefits of this business model.

7 Reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines is a good business model

1.    Provide a 24/7 service to your customers

If you hire from a Philippines company that specialises in outsourcing, you can leverage a workforce that is extremely flexible in their operating hours. Evening shifts, night shifts, weekends and holidays are all covered, allowing your business to offer a 24/7 service to your clients.

2.    Increase your workforce with fluent English speakers

All remote staff hired by companies that outsource to Philippines’ businesses speak fluent English, as this is the official language taught in our schools. The Philippines is actually the third largest English speaking country in the world, so you won’t have any problems finding staff who can communicate flawlessly with your customers and employees.

3.    Enjoy excellent work ethics

When you outsource to the Philippines, you don’t have to worry about the work ethics of your remote staff. That’s because Integrity, respect and honour are values that make Philippines workers stand out from the crowd, and it’s why this type of business model is so popular here.

4.    Hire specialised staff without in-house responsibilities

Philippines outsourcing companies not only provide remote staff for labour intensive tasks, but they also offer specialised staff as well. Whether you want a geologist, web developer or programmer, network engineer, business analyst or AI developer, outsourcing companies in the Philippines have a full range of qualified and experienced staff.

5.    Reduce your operational costs

If you outsource to the Philippines, you will find that your operational costs are a fraction of what they would be if you hired your own in-house staff. This is because Philippines outsourcing companies provide all the infrastructure needed by the remote staff to perform their tasks, saving your company a significant amount of money.

6.    Increase or decrease your staffing numbers quickly

Hiring and training new employees for one project or for a short period of time can be a big drain on your resources. When you outsource to the Philippines however, you can hire as many staff as you need for as long as you need. This let’s you alter the size of your workforce to match your business needs, saving you both time and money.

7.    Free up your in-house staff to focus on your core business goals

Your business can make better use of senior in-house staff by freeing them from some of the more mundane, repetitive and labour intensive tasks that often come with the job. Outsourced remote workers (personal assistants, secretaries, project managers and so on), can take on these tasks, leaving your senior staff to focus on your core business goals.

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