Effective Telemarketing Techniques: The Potent Combination of Digital Marketing & Telesales

Effective Telemarketing Techniques

With the continuous rise of digital marketing and its undeniable success in building brand recall, lead generation and profit, it only seems logical to further improve this trend by integrating another tried and tested method that has worked well over the years.

Effective telemarketing techniques have been a popular way of doing business way before digital marketing came into the picture. By integrating telesales in your current marketing strategy, you can enjoy numerous benefits that you might not be privy to if this type of approach is missing.

So how can the merging of these two components be a potent force to be reckoned with? Below are some key elements on how this integration can dramatically improve your ROI.


Email Marketing

telesales techniques and tips


Some of the best telesales techniques and tips involves the use of email marketing.

You start of by sorting out your prospects before you conduct any sort of calls to ensure that these businesses “fit-the-bill,” in terms of what your company is offering.

Once you have gotten the necessary information as to whom you should address your email to (which includes their complete name, position, email address, etc.), you can send a professionally designed email template that includes a clear CTA (call-to-action) stating what you want your prospect to do once they have received your email.

Depending on how you were able to gather your prospect’s […]

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How to Spot the Difference Between UI and UX Design

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to people looking to hire a UI & UX designer, is that they think it’s one in the same.

As with many technical terms such as Web Development vs Web Design, Front End vs Back End Development, and now UX vs UI Design, the latter provides different functionalities that the other may not necessarily provide.

In layman’s term, you could say that one is the photographer while the other is the muse.

The photographer ensures that the lighting is just right, the backdrop, the angle, etc. Basically, taking care of the technical aspects to ensure that he can seize that picture-perfect moment to the fullest.

The muse is his model. She provides the emotion that the photographer wishes for her to convey. She accomplishes this by making use of her facial expressions, movements, her clothes, make-up, hair, etc. This completes the “look and feel” that will eventually captivate their audience.

To put it bluntly, the difference between UI and UX Design is that the UX design is more on the technical aspect of things, which accomplishes valuable tasks across all platforms and services; whereas UX design creates aesthetically appealing interfaces that produces emotions to help humans connect with the product.