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We specialise in providing dedicated offshore staff to organisations looking to build a long term remote staffing team. Our goal is to find and place exceptional staff that will stay with you for years to come and who will constantly exceed your expectations. With Outsourced you can hire dedicated offshore staff and save up to 70% compared to hiring locally.

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advanced facilities

Our offices have a 100% back up power system, 24/7 utility provisions & redundant power capacities. We utilise premium and dedicated internet service via Fibre Optic Facilities and a fully-redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network. We also have a secondary failover network to ensure the greatest uptime and performance of your staff.

quality assurance

Outsourced is ISO Certified and dedicated to delivering quality assurance and are committed to providing staff of the highest standards, all backed by our award winning international management with over 19 years quality staffing experience.

IT outsourcing services

dedicated remote staff

Outsourced provides you with your own professional full time dedicated remote staff who report directly to you daily from our advanced offices in Manila, Philippines. With Outsourced you can scale your organisation quickly and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff essentially becoming an extension of your own organisation.

our staffing disciplines

Our Philippines offshore staffing services cover eight key sectors including; Information Technology (I.T), Contact Center, Professional Services, Creative, Administration, Marketing, Education and Finance.

information technology (I.T)

Outsourced is an ISO certified and leading Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) provider in the Philippines. From Web Programmers and QA Testers to Network Engineers and Technical Support we have vast experience sourcing the most talented technical professionals for some of the world’s leading organisations. We can also provide talented AI Developers, VR Developers and AR Developers in the Philippines. Whether you are a web development agency, software development company, managed IT Services company, Telephony company, or any business looking for highly skilled technical professionals, Outsourced has the experience to provide you with the talent you require. Our Technical Recruiters are highly skilled at sourcing, screening and technically testing candidates to ensure only the most talented professionals are selected.

contact center

The Philippines is currently ranked #1 in the world for offshore contact center services. Outsourced as a Contact Center can manage customers with both income and outgoing voice calls (call center services), and data applications such as e-mail, social media and instant message. Our Customer Contact Centre Services include customer acquisition, customer retention, customer service, technical support, cross and up selling and credit management services. Whether the contact is inbound for Customer Care, Technical Support and Help Desk or outbound for Lead generation and Telemarketing, Outsourced has the skills and experience to build and manage your Contact Centre in the Philippines.

professional services

If your required tasks can be completed remotely there is no limit to the professional staff we can source for your business. From Architects and Engineers to Healthcare and Lawyers we can find the most talented professionals in the Philippines to be a part of your remote team. Whether you need Human Capital Management (Recruitment, Payroll, HR) or Medical Encoders and Project Managers we have the skills and experience to source highly skilled professionals to be an offshore extension of your local team.


Outsourced has successfully built world class creative teams for our international clients covering everything from Web and Graphic Designers to Animators and Industrial Designers.


Whether it’s for Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, Social), Content Marketing (Copywriting, Proofing/Editing, Content Moderation) or Data Analysis and Market Research we have the skills and experience to hire the most talented marketers in the Philippines to be a part of your offshore team.


We have experience hiring full time dedicated administrative assistants who can support with your data entry, data processing, transcription or secretarial requirements. We provide an extensive selection of back office functions from e-mail and website support, data entry, processing and other administrative tasks.

financial services

Outsourced has vast experience creating finance teams to assist our clients with Accounting and Financial services. From Accountants and Bookkeepers to Financial planners and Auditors we can source highly skilled professionals to be a part of your team in the Philippines.


Outsourced has niche experience sourcing educational technologists and academic markers for some of the world’s leading Universities and organisations within the education sector.

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Employee compensation inc. Benefits, Govt. Fees, Health, Insurance.


HR Sourcing, Retention, Performance, Replacement


Dedicated Workstation, Office Space, Amenities


ISO Quality, Payroll, Client Services, Finance, Legal


Equipment, Network, Fast Internet, ISO Support

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