Increase productivity with an outsourced Healthcare Information Management (HIM) team

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With healthcare rapidly becoming an expanding service, the safe and effective management of people’s medical data has become a serious priority. The enormous amount of personal data that needs to be collated and stored safely means that healthcare information management has become not only an essential service, but also a very specialised area.

Hospitals, medical centres, private medical and surgical consultants, dentists, general practitioners, and a host of other ancillary health practitioners, all need to collate, store and retrieve patient data safely and securely. With the introduction of electronic patient files, online security is now more than ever, a vital part of healthcare information management. 

This is why many businesses who need to increase productivity end up hiring a health information manager to oversee a team that is dedicated to these vital tasks. Health information management roles encompass compliance, billing, data entry and encoding. However, the costs of recruiting these specialised staff, as well as ongoing training and development, and providing the infrastructure they need to perform their roles can be very cost prohibitive.

Unfortunately for many businesses, many of these roles are in great demand, leading to a shortage of people skilled enough to perform these roles. It’s at this point that outsourcing these tasks becomes a very efficient and productive option for many healthcare businesses.

What type of health information management roles can be outsourced?

From a health information manager to medical coders and trainers, quality assurance supervisors and managers, medical transcriptionists, claims processors and analysts, billing specialists and […]

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Take advantage of market opportunities with transport, postal, and warehouse outsourcing

In Australia, the GVA (gross value added) of the transport, postal and warehousing industry equals an astounding $20.5 billion. Global changes however, can have a dramatic effect on this industry, requiring businesses to leverage any flexibility they can build into their business model. The ability to quickly respond to changes outside of their control is one of the reasons that transport, postal, and warehouse outsourcing is such a challenging industry.

warehouse, transport, postan outsourcing

Changing fuel prices, increasing wages, updated safety regulations, and disruptions to national and international trade, are all problems faced by the majority of Australian businesses at one time or another. Adding to these problems is the fact that the massive increase in online shopping has resulted in a greater reliance on the transport & logistics industry for many businesses.

Then we have consumers who don’t want to wait weeks for their online purchases, so businesses that sell online must optimise their delivery strategies to keep up with the competition. This is where warehouse, transport and postal outsourcing can make all the difference to a company’s bottom line.

How can warehouse, postal and transport outsourcing benefit your business?

If you want to expand your business and take advantage of home deliveries, you need to seriously consider transport, postal, and warehouse outsourcing. When you outsource these roles, you dramatically reduce your costs, but massively ramp up your flexibility to match current market conditions.

This flexibility allows you to take advantage of market opportunities by hiring more outsourced staff, whilst not spending a fortune on recruitment drives, induction courses and ongoing […]

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Work from home vs an office based business model in the Philippines

Whether you are a new start-up or an established business, it’s likely you have considered the benefits of a work from home business model compared to an office based model. Some of you might have simply discarded one of these models out of hand, but there are lots of positives to both models.

work from home vs office based

Start-ups for example, often veer towards a home based business model simply because they have a very tight budget. More established companies however, tend towards an office based model, often because they employ such a large number of staff. The decision isn’t black and white, because each type of business can benefit from elements of both models.

Often called remote workers, working from home can be a huge plus to many people for a variety of very good reasons. Other people flourish in a structured work environment and would never consider working from home. As far as your business is concerned, there are distinct benefits from each model, but how far you move towards one model or the other, often depends on your budget and goals. 

Benefits of a home based business model

A home based business model means your employees do not work from a central location or your business premises, rather they work from their own home office.

The benefits of this business model are, undoubtedly, the costs savings involved in not having to provide a place of work for your staff. You also don’t need a recruitment drive and you don’t need to induct them into your business or […]

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"Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

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