Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you heard of BPO companies, but you’re not sure if they can help your organisation? Are you struggling to hire the right people for your business? Do senior staff spend too much time on non-core business activities? Maybe you struggle to fill specialist roles within your company or simply can’t afford to hire them? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this guide to business process outsourcing is for you.

Top BPO Companies In The Philippines

That’s where BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) can make a huge difference to your operations. Simply put, it is the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business task, such as web development or contact center operations, to a third-party service provider. 

When it comes to business process outsourcing, business owners have found many advantages in choosing the Philippines as an ideal location to hire their remote staff. World class BPO companies in the Philippines in various industries follow this business model.

Outsourced is a leading BPO in the Philippines providing dedicated remote staff and offshore staff services.  With a focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we help businesses streamline their operations, expand their capabilities, and achieve their goals.

What Are BPO Companies?

Quite simply, BPO companies source, recruit and onboard new employees for your company. These employees work full-time offshore (ideally in the Philippines) and are dedicated solely to your organisation. Whether you want a single employee to manage your payroll or an entire call centre managed by the team at Outsourced, business process outsourcing is a proven way to access specialist staff at an affordable price.

In fact, you can save up to 70% of the cost of hiring locally, when you hire any of our BPO services in the Philippines. This is one of the biggest reasons why BPO is one of the fastest growing industries around the world – because it’s a cost efficient way to grow and expand your business without blowing the budget.

But even though cost savings is a huge benefit of outsourcing, it is not the only reason why companies hire BPO companies. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Quality is an even bigger reason:

BPO Services – Quality Over Cost

In any kind of business, there are two major factors that could spell the difference between failure or success. The first is cost, and the second is quality. Managing cost while maintaining or increasing quality can be a very tough challenge. 

business outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing, also known as offshoring, is one of the best solutions available to business owners who want to become more cost-effective without sacrificing quality. Through this process, companies can provide a top quality service to their clients while keeping their expenses at bay.

Sadly, the most common misconception about outsourcing is that its only purpose is to cut corners on wages. Although this was a primary incentive in the beginning, it’s become an initiative companies have been using without prioritising the cheap labour factor. 

For some businesses, the core question is not how BPO services can be implemented to save money, but rather how it can help in making money for the business. Rather than investing the nuts and bolts of creating the necessary foundation and infrastructure in-house, money is seen as better spent on certain outsourced jobs; giving managers and directions more time to focus on important decisions to maximise business growth.

But how exactly are companies using business outsourcing services to drive quality and growth? How does it maximise success? Outsourced has found four main reasons why leading companies have been using remote staff that does not involve cost-cutting reasons:

To tap into global talent for BPO services

Information Technology is a universal knowledge pool and it’s almost foolish to limit your location range to just your local area when recruiting talent. Some of the best developers or web designers may be situated kilometers away and it’s important to recognise this. Don’t let the fact that they’re in a different country deter you from exploring outside of your geographical range. 

If you’re thinking about hiring PHP developers, front end development, Java developers and wordpress web developers, start looking at recruitment agencies who provide the necessary assistance to help you tap into this global talent. This will allow you to research effective communication strategies to accommodate offshore staff so you may start building up your business to the level it has the potential to be at with top of the range employees from all over the world.

To build partnerships that both capture value and reduce risk

Even though outsourcing risks have increased over time, the key to limiting these certain situations to exert control and implement strategies to ensure there is little to no communication or operations issues. Viewing external staff as valuable strategic partners helps all parties to work seamlessly together and maximise cooperation, regardless if they are long term or contracted staff. Quarterly reviews together help openly target key concerns from both ends and build a solid corporate relationship.

To establish a unique image to the company name

As new markets emerge, companies need ways to establish a presence before their competitors. Outsourcing IT has become increasingly popular as the digital era presents itself more and more as a dominant figure, and it’s become an essential priority for an outsourcing company to sell a unique brand to their name. 

Although outsourcing may not be an uncommon thing to present to clients, the fact that you can offshore less important tasks will allow you to focus your energy on building up a quality company with a one-of-a-kind look, feel and partnership for your clients. 

In addition, don’t be afraid to bring in your offshore staff into your advertising strategies. By selling the recruitment strategies, the quality of your offshore staff and how to boost morale despite being in a different country, it shines a positive light on you as a director. It shows potential customers that you don’t see your offshore staff as a way to cut costs, rather you still see them as a valuable part of your team. 

This is extremely attractive to customers as it makes them feel good about possibly working with a company who treats their staff with respect and dignity.

To reinforce company culture

People are often under the impression that moving work overseas may dilute or undermine the company culture. However this is far from the case. By outsourcing repetitive administration duties which do not require a staff member to physically be near you allows your in-house team to focus on bigger projects and implementations to increase the face-value of the company. 

This is an often popular strategy for the Human Resources department. By shifting the attention away from the menial admin work and offloaded to outsourced staff, your in-house HR team will see a boost in productivity and morale, finding ways to maximise their skills and talents and develop an initiative to power the workforce. 

You may also delegate vital business aspects such as knowledge process outsourcing.

What’s The Biggest Benefit of Business Process Outsourcing?

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of outsourced BPO is organisational flexibility. By this we mean that you can maintain your core in-house staff, whilst taking advantage of an additional workforce in times of expansion or contraction. You can also hire BPO staff for specific projects and specific timeframes, leaving your core staff to continue with their existing tasks.

What is outsourcing

With a limited budget, investing in Philippines BPO helps your business to cut costs, because you don’t need to hire, train and maintain these employees yourself – Outsourced takes on these roles. BPO process outsourcing also allows your company to temporarily increase your output during periods of increased activity, keeping up with deadlines and meeting market demands.

BPO services in the Philippines are also one of the strategies that have proven very useful to start-up companies, helping them to gain traction in a competitive market by reducing their overall costs. Instead of hiring a large and expensive taskforce, a start-up company can simply hire a small core of in-house staff, supplemented by outsourced staff on as as-needed basis. 

Which Industries Can Benefit From Business Process Outsourcing?

The BPO industry provides a vast range of services that are applicable to just about any business. Whether you’re a small start-up company with a limited budget, large national company that wants to expand overseas or a multinational organisation that struggles to find experienced specialists to bring onboard.

The range of BPO services that you can quickly and easily access includes IT BPO, accounting BPO, payroll BPO, operations management BPO, HR BPO, call centre BPO, healthcare BPO, web designer BPO, telemarketing BPO and so on. You can even hire geologists, architects, civil engineers, project managers, sales teams, underwriters, drafters, graphic designers, structural engineers, and the list goes on.

When these Business Processes are Information Technology (IT) based, they are often referred to as Information Technology Enabled Service (ITES) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). So we get the acronym ITES-BPO.

In ITES-BPO, offshore staff become a natural extension to your teams. You can then utilise their skills and technology to improve your time-to-market and to meet your business requirements. 

Whatever non-core services you require to move your business forward, you can access via Business Process Outsourcing.

Can your Philippines business benefit from BPO?

In the Philippines, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) can be a great benefit to any company that requires skilled staff for labour intensive tasks. BPO process outsourcing frees your senior and in-house staff from a wide range of mundane tasks and allows them to refocus on your business’s core activities, aimed at growing and expanding your business.

As a leading BPO company in the Philippines, Outsourced specialises in finding the right people for the right job, at the right time for the right salaries. With outsourced BPO, the team at Outsourced identifies, recruits and hires skilled staff who work for your company in a variety of different areas.

Philippines BPO – back office recruiting

Back office or admin BPO can include finances and accounting BPO, payroll and data entry BPO, marketing BPO, HR staff BPO, personal assistant BPO, and IT services or data management BPO. Outsourced provides the equipment and infrastructure for these employees who work remotely for your company; admin BPO staff are concerned with the internal operations of your company.

Philippines BPO – external services

BPO services in the Philippines can include staff who interact with your target market, for example call centre BPO, pre and post sales BPO, email support BPO, live chat and telephone support BPO, order taking BPO, complaint handling BPO, event registration BPO, appointment scheduling BPO, and so on. As a BPO outsourcing company, we select only the most qualified and experienced staff for your company. 


Why The Philippines for Business Process Outsourcing?

The Philippines is one of the world’s leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. With its highly skilled and motivated workforce, competitive rates, and excellent infrastructure, it has become a preferred destination for a wide range of BPO activities ranging from customer service to IT support.

Here are some of the reasons why the Philippines is the world’s most popular BPO destination:

  1. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world (in terms of English speaking population). This level of language proficiency translates into smooth working communication with minimum to zero barriers.
  2. The Philippines every year there are thousands of fresh college graduates particularly in the IT, technology, marketing and administrative field. There are also seasoned workers who have the experience to take charge of teams or manage end-to-end projects. This presents a huge opportunity for foreign businesses to utilize this endless pool of talent.
  3. The Philippines is conducive to the outsourcing industry. The culture is hospitable, and the country welcomes foreign business investors with open arms. This is because business process outsourcing (BPO) contributes a great deal to the country’s yearly gross domestic product. Offshoring is a win-win for both the business investors and the locals who are working in the Philippine BPO field.

Facts About The BPO Industry In The Philippines (Infographic)

Based on research, the BPO industry in the Philippines has an estimated workforce of 1.3 Million workers, according to Nexford University. This figure is growing by approximately 8% to 10% per year since 2019, contributing nearly $30 billion to the economy each year.

The BPO Industry In the Philippines

These statistics highlight the growing BPO industry in the country and the Philippines’ position as a preferred outsourcing hub compared to India or Mexico.

Background of the BPO industry in the Philippines

The Philippine BPO industry began in the early 2000s when the government sought to encourage foreign investment through its Investor Facilitation Service Program. This program was designed to help companies from abroad save money by outsourcing services and production activities to highly skilled local workers.

Since then, a number of major multinationals have established operations in the Philippines due to its well-educated and trained workforce, excellent infrastructure, competitive rates, and generous government incentives.

The BPO industry in the Philippines now covers a wide range of services including customer service, back-office operations, telemarketing, website support, IT support, digital marketing, animation, healthcare services such as medical transcription and billing, and software development.

Why The BPO Industry Is Thriving in the Philippines

BPO in the PhilippinesThe main reason why the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is thriving in the Philippines is due to a combination of factors: 

  • Firstly, the Philippines has a large pool of highly educated, English-speaking professionals who possess strong communication and technical skills. This makes the country an attractive destination for international companies seeking to outsource their operations.
  • Secondly, the Philippines offers cost advantages compared to other outsourcing destinations, such as India. The labor costs in the Philippines are relatively lower, while maintaining high-quality output. This cost-effectiveness has been a significant driver for foreign companies to set up their BPO operations in the country.
  • Thirdly, the Philippine government has been supportive of the BPO industry’s growth by providing various incentives, such as tax breaks and infrastructure development. These initiatives have encouraged both local and foreign investments, creating a favorable business environment.
  • Fourth, the time zone compatibility with Western countries has been a significant advantage for the Philippines. This enables companies to provide round-the-clock customer support and services, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Philippines’ skilled workforce, cost advantages, government support, and time zone compatibility have played key roles in the thriving BPO industry in the country.

Humble Beginnings of the Philippines BPO Industry and Its Growth

The BPO industry in the Philippines began to gain momentum in the early 2000s, fueled by favorable government policies, a skilled workforce, and competitive costs. Back then, the country faced economic challenges, including high unemployment rates. However, the BPO sector provided a lifeline by creating job opportunities and driving economic growth, becoming a vital pillar of the Philippine economy.

One of the earliest instances of BPO in the Philippines can be traced back to 1992 when the company ICT Group (now known as Sykes) established its presence in the country. This pioneering move set the foundation for the BPO industry’s growth, eventually paving the way for numerous global companies to establish their operations in the Philippines.

The rise of the BPO industry in the Philippines gained significant traction a decade or so later. In fact, BPO has grown 46% annually since 2006, led by the demand for lower labor costs, a highly skilled and educated workforce, and excellent English proficiency.

As companies sought to leverage cost-effective yet skilled labor, the Philippines emerged as a prime destination for outsourcing. The availability of a highly educated English-speaking workforce, favorable government support, and improved telecommunications infrastructure propelled the industry’s rapid growth. This upward trajectory continued to attract global players, solidifying the Philippines’ position as a BPO powerhouse in the international market.

BPO services in the Philippines shines brighter in recent years

Among countries known for housing outsourced centres, it is the Philippines that have caught the attention of companies all over the world as a resourceful and valuable hub of high quality  and affordable offshore staffIn fact, the Philippines has already surpassed India as the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the world. 

IT BPO Services in the Philippines Shines Brighter

Globally dubbed as the world’s BPO solutions capital, the Philippines displays a number of characteristics beyond the cheap labour costs that make the country shine above the rest, and an attractive preference for multinational companies looking at BPO services.

    • Highest English-proficiency in the SEA. The Philippines is renowned for a highly westernised culture. With this naturally comes an advanced proficiency in written and spoken English, with a staggering 95% literacy rate, making it the third largest English-speaking country in the world. However what wins over global companies is their clear adopted American accent, which overcomes a significant language barrier and social stigma that foreign outsourcing presents, something that is hugely advantageous over its neighbours in the South East Asian region. This makes this particular country an attractive location for remote staff  and outsourcing IT services.


    • Success-driven workers attract global as well as start up companies. Alongside the skill, there has been a shift in mindset amongst the young Filipino workers. Traditionally, BPO services were limited to high-volume yet low priced work which was more than satisfactory if it meant making ends meet. However today, workers these days  breaking into the IT outsourcing industry come from a new creative and entrepreneurial generation, seeking a deeper connection with innovation-driven and mission focused companies. This is significant news, especially for start ups looking to build their company from the ground up without breaking the bank. Filipino workers are proving themselves to be valuable partners in the growing tech industry, something that start-ups are beginning to notice when looking for a  business process outsourcing company.


    • Philippines is a fertile testing group for products and services. Given the Philippines’ unique strengths, specifically in BPO outsourced IT services, product and QA managers and found that it was relatively easy to use the Philippines as a testing ground to deploy and iterate new applications and products without any communication barriers. This is especially helpful when catering for the wider South East Asia market as the Philippines share a common ethnicity to its surrounding neighbours without the cultural barriers between them and the Western world.


Impact Of The BPO Industry On The Philippine Economy

Impact of BPO Industry in Philippines

The BPO industry has had a profound impact on the Philippine economy. It has been a major driver of employment, providing millions of jobs to the Filipino workforce and significantly reducing the unemployment rate.

The industry has also contributed to the country’s GDP growth, attracting foreign direct investment and generating substantial revenues.

Furthermore, BPO operations have stimulated the growth of related sectors, such as real estate, retail, and transportation, creating a multiplier effect that has boosted economic activity nationwide.

Innovations and Advancements in the BPO Industry in the Philippines

The BPO industry in the Philippines has embraced innovations and advancements to stay at the forefront of the global market. Companies are leveraging emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

Innovations and Advancements in the BPO in the Philippines

Additionally, cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity measures are being implemented to ensure data integrity and enable flexible and secure service delivery. These advancements empower BPO companies in the Philippines to offer cutting-edge solutions and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Top BPO Companies In The Philippines

Here are the top BPO companies operating in the Philippines today, outlining their offerings in terms of industry expertise, quality standards, and other key metrics.


Outsourced ph team

With a focus on outsourcing solutions, offers a range of BPO services such as virtual assistants, digital marketing, web development, customer support and countless many others. They provide cost-effective solutions tailored to meet clients’ specific business needs, leveraging their expertise in offshore staffing and process optimization. prides itself on delivering high-quality services through a dedicated team of professionals who work closely with clients to drive growth, increase productivity, and enhance operational efficiency. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has positioned them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable outsourcing solutions in the Philippines.

Accenture Philippines

A global leader in BPO services, Accenture provides end-to-end solutions in technology, consulting, and operations across various industries, driving innovation and digital transformation.

Convergys Philippines

A prominent BPO company specializing in customer management solutions, Convergys delivers outstanding customer experiences through its contact center services and multichannel support.

Teleperformance Philippines

With a focus on customer experience management and digital solutions, Teleperformance offers personalized services, advanced analytics, and omni-channel capabilities to optimize customer interactions.

Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland delivers transformative BPO services across various industries, leveraging automation, analytics, and process optimization to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

VXI Global Solutions

VXI offers comprehensive BPO services encompassing customer care, technical support, and sales solutions, using advanced technologies to drive growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Genpact Philippines

Genpact provides end-to-end business process management services, leveraging digital technologies, analytics, and process excellence to streamline operations and drive business impact.

Hinduja Global Solutions

HGS offers a wide array of BPO services, including customer experience management, digital marketing, and back-office support, helping clients drive revenue growth and operational efficiency.

Concentrix Philippines

Concentrix delivers high-value BPO services, including customer engagement, technical support, and sales solutions, through a combination of digital innovation, analytics, and expertise in various industries.

Success Stories Of Top BPO Companies in the Philippines

There are a lot captivating narratives where the Philippines emerges as a beacon of success for businesses who dared to outsource. From humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements, countless successful companies have experienced the transformative power of strategic partnerships that have shaped inspiring rags-to-riches stories in the BPO industry.


Future Of The Top BPO Companies In the Philippines

The future of the BPO industry in the Philippines appears promising as it continues to evolve in 2023 and beyond. The main drivers of growth include the country’s skilled workforce, English proficiency, and competitive cost advantage.

Additionally, advancements in technology, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, are transforming the industry, opening up new opportunities for higher-value services.

With ongoing government support and industry collaboration, the Philippines is poised to maintain its position as a leading destination for BPO, driving sustained growth and attracting further investment in the coming years.

Job Opportunities And Career Growth In Top BPO Companies in the Philippines

Top BPO companies in the Philippines offer abundant job opportunities and promising career growth prospects.

With a wide range of roles across customer service, technical support, finance, and more, individuals can gain valuable professional experience and enhance their skills.

These companies often provide training and development programs, offering employees the chance to progress and take on leadership roles, creating a thriving environment for long-term career advancement.

Top BPO Companies in the Philippines are the Best Choice for Outsourcing and Offshore Staffing

With a highly skilled workforce, cost-effective solutions, and a supportive business environment, top BPO companies in the Philippines are the optimal choice for outsourcing and offshore staffing needs.

Discover the advantages of partnering with Philippine-based BPO providers and explore how they can revolutionize your business: 

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Top BPO Company in the Philippines

professional services

    • Cost Efficiency: Top BPO companies in the Philippines offer cost-effective solutions due to lower labor and operational expenses, enabling businesses to achieve significant cost savings without compromising quality.


    • Skilled Workforce: The Philippines boasts a highly skilled workforce with excellent English proficiency, providing businesses access to a talent pool equipped with the necessary expertise to deliver exceptional BPO services.


    • Time Zone Advantage: The country’s strategic location in Southeast Asia allows for convenient time zone alignment with clients in Western countries, ensuring seamless communication and uninterrupted workflow.


    • Cultural Compatibility: Filipinos have a strong affinity for Western culture, making it easier for businesses to establish rapport and deliver culturally sensitive services, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.


    • Scalability and Flexibility: Top BPO companies in the Philippines offer scalable operations, allowing businesses to adapt their service requirements as needed and scale their operations up or down swiftly and efficiently.


How To Get Started With BPO in the Philippines

Would you like to start leveraging the power of offshore staffing and building remote teams? Follow these tips:

Clearly Define Your Objectives

Clearly communicate your business objectives and expectations to the BPO company. Providing a detailed project scope, desired outcomes, and key performance indicators will help align their services with your goals, ensuring a successful partnership.

Establish Effective Communication Channels

Foster open and transparent communication with the BPO company. Regular meetings, clear reporting structures, and utilizing collaboration tools enable seamless communication, enabling both parties to stay updated, address concerns promptly, and make informed decisions.

Conduct Thorough Research and Due Diligence

Prior to engaging with a BPO company, conduct comprehensive research and due diligence. Evaluate their reputation, industry experience, client testimonials, and track record. Request case studies or references to verify their capabilities and suitability for your specific needs.

Provide Comprehensive Training and Onboarding

Invest time in providing comprehensive training and onboarding materials to the BPO team. Clearly outline processes, protocols, and specific job requirements to ensure they have a deep understanding of your business and can deliver quality output aligned with your expectations.

Foster a Collaborative and Supportive Partnership

Treat the BPO company as an extension of your team. Cultivate a collaborative and supportive partnership by offering feedback, recognizing their contributions, and addressing challenges constructively. By fostering a positive working relationship, you can create an environment that promotes mutual growth and success.

How To Successfully Outsource To A Top Philippine BPO Company

Setting up your own physical office and business operation in the Philippines takes a lot of legwork. However, you can skip all the hassle by simply working with a top “offshoring provider”. does the hiring of your Philippine remote staff on your behalf. We then assign your remote staff to either work from home or work in one of their state-of-the-art offices in Manila’s prime locations. You have access to your remote team on a full time basis through teleconference and your preferred project management tools.

Aside from providing the office space, Outsourced also spares no expense in giving your remote staff everything they need to perform quality work for you. Tools and amenities like cutting edge computer equipment, fast internet, video conferencing tools, pantry and coffee – are all provided to your staff, so they can focus on fulfilling your business needs. also manages the payroll, HR support, daily time records, and local government compliance of your employees.

Working with Outsourced is the ultimate “shortcut” and quality assurance approach to achieving your offshoring business requirements and hiring a dedicated remote staff without going through the hassle. Simply contact us for more details about our offshore staffing services.

How do you contact a BPO outsourcing company?

Outsourced is a very successful and well regarded BPO company in the Philippines, so all you need to do is to send us your job descriptions. We will then discuss your needs over the phone, fine tuning them as necessary. Once everyone is in agreement, we will move ahead with researching the market space and identifying the best candidates for your needs. At Outsourced, we have access to some of the highest calibre staff in the Philippines and we leave no stone unturned in our effort to find the right staff for your company.

For more information on leveraging Philippines BPO for your company, please call us on one of our national or international numbers or sent us an email enquiry

What Makes Outsourced The Best BPO in the Philippines?

Reasons Outsourced is the best BPO in the Philippines

Why is Outsourced the best BPO in the Philippines? One reason is because the company was initially set up to deliver projects for the clients of an Australian based multi-award winning digital agency. These clients included some of the world’s leading brands and required high quality work. So it became expedient to supplement the agency’s in-house staff with overseas professionals. 

This proved to be an extremely successful strategy and led to Outsourced becoming one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines. 

So what made us so successful? See below:

5 Reasons Outsourced is the best BPO in the Philippines

There are numerous factors that have led to our success as the best BPO in the Philippines – here are five that might resonate with your company.

Time and cost savings

We manage all the recruitment processes for your company, providing you with a short list of suitable candidates, based on your criteria. We can then manage the on-boarding processes as well, so your new employee is ready to hit the ground running. If you decide on an office-based offshore employee, then we provide all the infrastructure and resources they need to fulfill their role with your company. All of this saves your company a significant amount of time and money in both the short and long term and is why we are the considered the best BPO Company in the Philippines.

Access to a huge talent pool

Since we have been operating in the Philippines for many years, we have put together a very large network that encompasses a huge talent pool. All of these people are highly skilled, qualified and experienced, as well as speaking fluent English. So whether you want an engineer, teacher, health worker or IT expert (as an example), we can offer you a shortlist of extremely suitable candidates that perfectly match or exceed your criteria. This is another reason that Outsourced is considered one of the best BPO companies in the Philippines.

Proven business model

With many years as a BPO Company in the Philippines we have continually proven that our business model works and works well. Some of our clients include Yamaha, Fox Sports and Genesys, companies that have repeatedly used our outsourcing services to great effect. If these large brands believe that Outsourced is one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines – you can have faith that our business model will help your company grow and expand as well.

Staff retention processes

Staff retention is one of our priorities, because we know that companies want long term employees. That’s why we provide excellent working environments for your remote based staff, as well as good salaries and health cards. We also provide regular team events to show your Philippines based staff that we appreciate all their hard work!

State of the art technology

Office-based offshore employees are provided with the latest technology, quality workstations and modern facilities at Outsourced. They have dedicated internet access via fibre optic facilities and a fully redundant gigabit ethernet network. Spacious desks, comfortable chairs, dual screen monitors, IT support, large open plan offices, chill-out rooms, eating areas, kitchens, and the list goes on. We provide everything your offshore employees need, so you can spend your time growing your business.

To contact the best BPO in the Philippines, call the team at Outsourced today.

What BPO Services Does Outsourced Provide in the Philippines?

As one of the leading BPO companies in the Philippines, Outsourced leverages its extensive network of contacts tofind experienced employees who are ready and able to work for your company. Our commitment to productivity and quality is measurable and can be constantly monitored through performance indicators. It also benefits from ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement initiatives.

Our Business Process Outsourcing services include managing the recruitment processes and providing you with a shortlist of candidates (based on your requirements). You decide who to hire and we even manage the onboarding for you as well.

Our BPO services also include managing the day to day needs of your new staff and providing all the services they need, such as HR, payroll, sick leave, healthcare payments, even infrastructure and IT needs.

You can also decide on the type of outsourcing model you want to use – home based staff, flexidesk staff or office-based staff.

      • A home based model is where your staff work remotely at their home in Manila and is suitable for small teams of between 1 to 10 staff.
      • A flexidesk model is where your staff work between their home and our state-of-the-art facility in Manila using shared co-working desks.
      • An office-based model is where your staff work full-time at our facility and is suitable for up to 100 staff.

The BPO industry in the Philippines can help your business operate more efficiently, expand into new markets and take on more work. It’s all about finding the right staff at the right time and for the right price that’s why BPO companies are so popular.

About Outsourced

Outsourced ph branches office

Outsourced provides BPO services to international companies predominantly from Australia, the USA and UK and is recognised and respected as a premium provider of Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines. 

Outsourced is an official member of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) which is the umbrella organisation for the fastest-growing industry in the Philippines – offshoring and outsourcing. 

We are also ISO certified, as well as Great Place To Work Certified, for multiple years in a row! We offer a comprehensive range of BPO and offshore staffing solutions. Explore our services, case studies, and testimonials on our website to learn how Outsourced can be your trusted partner in driving success. Visit our related pages for more information:

      • Industries we serve: Discover our wide range of BPO and offshore staffing services.
      • Case Studies: Read real-life success stories of businesses that have partnered with us.
      • How It Works: Learn more about building a offshore full-time team with Outsourced.
      • About Us: Learn more about our company, values, and expertise.

You may also contact Outsourced today to discuss your requirements. Our team would be delighted to assist you!

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"Outsourced are an extremely professional organisation, easy to to do business with and lightening fast at sorting things out. The staff are super friendly with a 'can do' attitude. They also treat our team very well and we have no complaints (happy productive staff means a happy client)."

"Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

"I want to stress that we have greatly appreciated the services of Outsourced, the service has been exemplary and the work high quality; the staff have been a pleasure to work with. We would like to retain an ongoing relationship with Outsourced."

“Outsourced have a great office space and a great support team who are always willing to help. We were able to pivot quickly and within 6 weeks we were able to start our team. We are very happy with Outsourced.”

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