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If you want to cut your costs but require call centre staff who speak fluent English, then you need to contact Outsourced and ask about hiring Filipino call center agents

Outsourced is the leading provider of offshore Filipino telemarketers and call centre agents and can provide you with as many experienced agents who speak fluent English, as you need. We can even provide you with an entire team, all set up and ready to go. We can also supply you with a team of Filipino customer service staff who can handle all the enquiries from your customers via phone, email, SMS and online chat.

Why employ Filipino call center agents?

The biggest reason to hire Filipino call center agents is because of the costs. You can easily save up to 75% of the costs of hiring locally-based call center agents when you opt to hire offshore in the Philippines. As mentioned above, another huge benefit of this strategy is that in the Philippines, English is taught to the children in school, so just about every Filipino speaks English fluently. This ability helps to streamline communications between your call center staff and customers, enhancing customer morale and facilitating a quick resolution to their enquiries.

All our Filipino telemarketers, call centre agents and customer service staff are experienced in their field and come highly recommended. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks your outsourced Filipino call center agents, telemarketers and customer service operators can perform for your company.

Filipino call center agents

Our Filipino call center agents can perform all your end-to-end sales processes, including managing customer service enquiries and even upselling to prospective customers. Whilst operating remotely, your new Filipino call center agents will become vital members of your in-house team. With access to PCI DSS certified staff, we can also provide you with Filipino call center agents who are able to process credit card purchases.

Many companies know they need a call center or that they need to expand their existing centre but find that the costs are too prohibitive. Outsourced ensures that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum with transparent fixed monthly rates and no long term contracts. These cost savings give you the opportunity to select the most experienced and highly qualified Filipino call center agents to create an efficient and high quality team for your company.

Filipino telemarketers

If your company needs to increase sales and expand your market share, a team of offshore Filipino telemarketers can make it happen! Outsourced can provide you with experienced telemarketers who will confidently sell your products or services to prospective customers. We can supply you with both home-based or office based telemarketers who work full-time for your company. With excellent English language skills, Filipino telemarketers can easily discuss the benefits of your products or services with prospects and answer all their questions.

Filipino customer service staff

With a full team of Filipino customer service staff you can be confident that your customers and potential customers have a positive experience at every touch point of your business. Our remote customer service staff provide the support and empathy needed by your customers and have excellent written, verbal and administrative skills. Outsourced can supply you with an entire team of Filipino customer service staff or just a single employee.

For help putting together a team of Filipino call center agents, telemarketers or customer service staff for your company, contact Outsourced today.