Short overview of BPO companies in the Philippines


Have you heard of BPO companies, but you’re not sure if they can help your organisation? Well, are you struggling to hire the right people for your business? Do senior staff spend too much time on non-core business activities? Maybe you struggle to fill specialist roles within your company or simply can’t afford to hire them? That’s where BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies can make a huge difference to your operations.

That’s because the BPO industry provides a vast range of services that are applicable to just about any business. Whether you’re a small start-up company with a limited budget, large national company that wants to expand overseas or a multinational organisation that struggles to find experienced specialists to bring onboard.

The range of BPO services that you can quickly and easily access includes IT BPO, accounting BPO, payroll BPO, operations management BPO, HR BPO, call centre BPO, healthcare BPO, web designer BPO, telemarketing BPO and so on. You can even hire geologists, architects, civil engineers, project managers, sales teams, underwriters, drafters, graphic designers, structural engineers, and the list goes on.

Whatever non-core services you require to move your business forward, you can access via BPO outsourcing in the Philippines.

What are BPO companies?

Quite simply, BPO companies source, recruit and onboard new employees for your company. These employees work full-time in the Philippines and are dedicated solely to your organisation. Whether you want a single employee to manage your payroll or an entire call centre managed by the team at Outsourced, BPO in the Philippines is a proven way to access specialist staff at an affordable price.

In fact, you can save up to 70% of the cost of hiring locally, when you hire any of our BPO services in the Philippines. This is one of the biggest reasons why BPO in the Philippines is one of the fastest growing industries around the world – because it’s a cost efficient way to grow and expand your business without blowing the budget.

What services do BPO companies provide in the Philippines?

Outsourced is one of the leading BPO companies in the Philippines. With our extensive network of contacts, we find experienced employees who are ready and able to work for your company. Our Business Process Outsourcing services include managing the recruitment processes and providing you with a shortlist of candidates (based on your requirements). You decide who to hire and we even manage the onboarding for you as well.

Our BPO services also include managing the day to day needs of your new staff and providing all the services they need, such as HR, payroll, sick leave, healthcare payments, even infrastructure and IT needs.

You can also decide on the type of outsourcing model you want to use – home based staff, flexidesk staff or office-based staff.

  • A home based model is where your staff work remotely at their home in Manilla and is suitable for small teams of between 1 to 10 staff.
  • A flexidesk model is where your staff work between their home and our state-of-the-art facility in Manila using shared co-working desks.
  • An office-based model is where your staff work full-time at our facility and is suitable for up to 100 staff.

The BPO industry in the Philippines can help your business operate more efficiently, expand into new markets and take on more work. It’s all about finding the right staff at the right time and for the right price that’s why BPO companies are so popular.

Why not contact us today for more information?

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What makes Outsourced the best BPO in the Philippines?

Why is Outsourced the best BPO in the Philippines? One reason is because the company was initially set up to deliver projects for the clients of an Australian based multi-award winning digital agency. These clients included some of the world’s leading brands and required high quality work. So it became expedient to supplement the agency’s in-house staff with overseas professionals. This proved to be an extremely successful strategy and led to Outsourced becoming one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines. So what’s made us so successful?

5 Reasons Outsourced is the best BPO in the Philippines

There are numerous factors that have led to our success as the best BPO in the Philippines – here are five that might resonate with your company.

  1. Time and cost savings

We manage all the recruitment processes for your company, providing you with a short list of suitable candidates, based on your criteria. We can then manage the on-boarding processes as well, so your new employee is ready to hit the ground running. If you decide on an office-based offshore employee, then we provide all the infrastructure and resources they need to fulfill their role with your company. All of this saves your company a significant amount of time and money in both the short and long term and is why we are the considered the best BPO Company in the Philippines.

  1. Access to a huge talent pool

Since we have been operating in the Philippines for many years, we have put together a very large network that encompasses a huge talent pool. All of these people are highly skilled, qualified and experienced, as well as speaking fluent English. So whether you want an engineer, teacher, health worker or IT expert (as an example), we can offer you a shortlist of extremely suitable candidates that perfectly match or exceed your criteria. This is another reason that Outsourced is considered one of the best BPO companies in the Philippines.

  1. Proven business model

With many years as a BPO Company in the Philippines we have continually proven that our business model works and works well. Some of our clients include Yamaha, Fox Sports and Genesys, companies that have repeatedly used our outsourcing services to great effect. If these large brands believe that Outsourced is one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines – you can have faith that our business model will help your company grow and expand as well.

  1. Staff retention processes

Staff retention is one of our priorities, because we know that companies want long term employees. That’s why we provide excellent working environments for your remote based staff, as well as good salaries and health cards. We also provide regular team events to show your Philippines based staff that we appreciate all their hard work!

  1. State of the art technology

Office-based offshore employees are provided with the latest technology, quality workstations and modern facilities at Outsourced. They have dedicated internet access via fibre optic facilities and a fully redundant gigabit ethernet network. Spacious desks, comfortable chairs, dual screen monitors, IT support, large open plan offices, chill-out rooms, eating areas, kitchens, and the list goes on. We provide everything your offshore employees need, so you can spend your time growing your business.

To contact the best BPO in the Philippines, call the team at Outsourced today.

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Take advantage of market opportunities with transport, postal, and warehouse outsourcing

In Australia, the GVA (gross value added) of the transport, postal and warehousing industry equals an astounding $20.5 billion. Global changes however, can have a dramatic effect on this industry, requiring businesses to leverage any flexibility they can build into their business model. The ability to quickly respond to changes outside of their control is one of the reasons that transport, postal, and warehouse outsourcing is such a challenging industry.

warehouse, transport, postan outsourcing

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Healthcare BPO: Increase your revenue with medical billing outsourcing

Whether you are a general practitioner, medical specialist or surgeon, Healthcare BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is designed to optimise your practice’s financial efficiency. Medical billing outsourcing in the Philippines is a growing industry, simply because it’s such a demanding and challenging task for many practices.

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Can your Philippines business benefit from BPO?

What is outsourcing

In the Philippines, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) can be a great benefit to any company that requires skilled staff for labour intensive tasks. BPO process outsourcing frees your senior and in-house staff from a wide range of mundane tasks and allows them to refocus on your business’s core activities, aimed at growing and expanding your business.

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In-demand workplace skills needed in 2017

It’s approaching the end of the year, so there’s a good chance you’re looking for a new job. Although looking for your next career is daunting and often quite uncertain given the competitive nature these days, there’s good a bit of good news for people who possess 2017’s in-demand workplace skills.

According to LinkedIn, October / November is the time of the year when they see a spike in job applications or employee research conducted by businesses on the well known social networking site. To find out what exactly recruiters or business are looking for and the skills that commonly results in a successfully landing a job, LinkedIn analysed all of the hiring the recruiting activity that has occurred in 2016 so far.

After looking at billions of data points, below are the top 10 most in-demand workplace skills that will make you an attractive contender should you ever apply for a job in 2017:

2017’s top 10 in-demand workplace skills

1. Storage Systems and Management: Improving computer data storage and access
2. SEO/SEM Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing improves web search rankings
3. Data presentation: Employers increasingly need people who can organise data so it’s easy to understand
4. Mobile development: Skills like app development fit into the ‘Mobile Development’ category
5. Network and Information Security: As the Internet of Things develops, security is becoming more important
6. User Interface Design: Creating software that people interact with is becoming more important
7. Middleware and Integration Software: Middleware enables communication between software programs

8. Web Architecture and Development: Building websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional
9. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: Employers increasingly need people to find and make sense of data
10. Cloud and Distributed Computing: People who can develop and maintain these networks are the most in-demand

It’s clear to see a solid technology / data theme demand that’ll cross over to 2017. LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher weighs in on the analysis: “While some skills expire every couple of years, our data strongly suggests that tech skills will still be needed for years to come, in every industry,” she says.

“Now is a great time for professionals to acquire the skills they need to be more marketable.”

This heavy emphasis on technology based is due to the market trends on what workplaces need to increasingly satisfy their audience pool, and what areas are slowly becoming redundant.











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BPO Industry: Comparing India and the Philippines

BPO Industry

BPO Industry

As a business owner or manager in the BPO industry, outsourcing has the potential to be the bestest friend and ally you’ve ever had. It’s been a very common business movement, with the process saving large sums of money which can instead be invested into the overall revenue or another aspect of the company. However this lucrative outcome depends on what you outsource, how you outsource and most importantly, where you outsource. Major outsourcing providers are primarily located in Asia, particularly in India, China and the Philippines.

India: former BPO Industry King

It wasn’t long ago that it was just India that had the outsourcing for the BPO industry market cornered. Ever since it was colonised by the British empire, it had a prolonged name for being the informational technology outsourcing country – and for a good reason. Information Technology has been the most prominent source of revenue and employment, making it a popular career choice for the population to be educated in. According to IBEF, as of 2016, India is the fourth largest base for new business in the world and home to over 3,100 tech start ups which is only set to increase to 11,500 by 2020. Home to IT giants IBM, Cisco and Oracle, it has maintained its status for a successful outsourcing country.

Philippines takes the lead

Despite the accomplishing figures, India has now lost significant outsourcing ground to the Philippines over the last few years. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India reported a 70% loss in outsourcing market share with call centre and related services, with the LA times reporting Philippines BPO Industry revenue at a staggered $25 billion, equal to 10% of the country’s economy. The Philippines is now quickly gaining popularity within the BPO industry, known for passing along not only affordable services but unique capabilities that breakdown the stigma that comes with outsourcing. It’s garnered global attention, and major cities Manila, Cebu and Davao is now packed with satellite offices of global businesses and firms to accommodate for their outsourced workers. 

So why has the Philippines begun to usurp India’s seemingly unshakeable position as global outsourcing King?

English Quality and Accent Neutrality

Communication is already a must to hold a business together, so to bring outsourcing to the table for customer support and other business processes requires double of the communication effort. Without clarity, you’ll find yourself facing a multitude of road blocks for getting your business goals accomplished instead of experiencing the many productivity benefits outsourcing is support to bring. In addition, from a customer-facing point of view, your brand reputation relies heavily on customer experience. If your customers have trouble getting help when they need it to the most, it’s enough for them to suddenly be interested in your competition.

Flatplanet reports that the Philippines has an impressive 92.5% English proficiency rate,  with their English coming with an accent neutrality that many companies find highly attractive for their customer support departments. The Philippines is also highly influenced by the American / Western world culture which naturally adds common slangs and English idiom into their vocabulary. In addition, the Philippines media includes American channels as opposed to India.

Td;lr – Communication and business relationship wise, the Philippines offers the least cultural barriers for you and your customers.

Sophisticated Business delivery services

Major government support for the BPO industry is a significant contributing factor to the success of the Philippine outsourcing industry. Instead of setting up infrastructure and operational roadblocks, the government provides support for expansion, advanced training and technological needs. A variety of local firms and startups provide technical training opportunities and improved business delivery solutions to support the IT BPO industry in the country. They are also compliant with the international Data Privacy Act, which requires business to adhere to international data privacy regulations for sensitive information.

Minimal time difference

Manila is only 2 hours ahead of Australia, or 4 hours from New Zealand compared to India’s 5 hours / 6.5 hours time difference. This makes it much easier to manage your offshore team as the minimal time difference will mean little disruption of workflow and for the most part are both in office at the same time. If anything it increases productivity – it gives you enough time to settle into your office and prepare your day and workload for your team before they start theirs instead of them wasting the day waiting to be briefed.

Although the Indian outsourcing reigned supreme for a number of years and still remains on top, it’s very clear that the Philippines is now quickly rising as a BPO industry outsourcing contender. With stronger English proficiency, accent neutrality, shared cultural influences and supportive government backing, the Philippines offers a better strategic advantage for your company and should be seriously recognised as an outsourcing option.

Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc. is a leading IT outsourcing company that continues to dominate the IT BPO Philippines market. We offer high quality outsourced it services and provide a highly professional offshore staff for businesses worldwide. As one of the leading IT BPO Solutions expert today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff who are sure to exceed your expectations. 


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IT BPO Services – In-House or Overseas?

Whether it was more beneficial to outsource BPO services or to hire an in-house team has been a perpetual debate ever since the market for software began. Many entrepreneurs praise the merits of offshore software development services whilst others have sworn off it due to horrible experiences, which doesn’t help the budding question: should I engage in an outsourcing partnership or not?

Offshore Software Development

The benefits of outsourcing BPO services overseas


It’s one of the most lucrative advantages to offshore outsourcing, especially for start-up companies with a very limited budget – and for a good reason. Why pay a local developer $150p/hr when you might be able to find an equally capable and educated person for a quarter of the cost from another country? Then the saved costs can be invested into building the company up, increasing its growth and quality rate. However you must take into consideration that more time will need to be dedicated by you when initially building that relationship with your outsourcing partner and ensure you both see eye to eye. After all, they’re not down the hall from your office door available for a quick passing chat.

Short term commitment

An underrated and underappreciated advantage, many people fail to think of the fact that outsourced jobs means that you can hire people for short term projects without any long term commitments and paying the associated costs. Projects like website or app development where you would only need a certain skillset for a limited time period means the right people can be brought in for that selected period and be on their way upon completion. This trumps the idea of an in-house employee whose skills wouldn’t be needed on a permanent basis, yet would require an ongoing salary and any associated costs. And let’s not forget the time dedicated to arduous interviews that – let’s face it – no one wants to sit through.

Better productivity due to diverse geographical presence

This is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to managing productivity. In a typical outsourced project the “parent” team usually resides at a geographical location that has a reasonable time difference to the remote staff team. Thus, this overlapping of time zones can be considered as one of the many outsourcing advantages that many client managers can utilise when pertaining to their offshore staff division’s non-working hours to their own working hours so the product development stays as a constant stream of activity, this speeding up production.

Freedom from technology and update costs

With updates seemingly being presented to the globe every 2 days, it’s impossible to keep up with the latest technology without breaking the bank. By utilising outsourced it services, you allow them to bear the burden of the technology updates costs, whilst you get to pool in that money in another area of the business.

The benefits of hiring full time BPO service employees

Shared Vision

Someone who has been hired with vested options and share the vision you have of the company are much more committed than a freelance developer who’s main priority is maintaining his or her client base, where they are just paid for the hours done. Having someone who’s dedicated to the cause and wants to see the company grow is a powerful resource and will potentially join you in doing whatever it takes to make it happen.


Employees sitting next to you or across the hall have a much better position of keeping in touch with whats going on and can change direction quickly if need be. This is in opposition to remote workers where updates are restricted to allotted time slots or emails, which is of inconvenience if it’s a time-pressing issue. In-house employees also know what challenges the business is facing in other areas due to proximity to the relevant people, and can offer potential solutions or fixes.

The verdict

No two businesses are the same, so no two BPO solutions are the same. Usually the happy medium for successful companies is using a mixture of both – have people you need close to you as your in-house staff whilst job positions where direct and constant communication is not necessary, as your offshore workers. This way you can develop a strong management hierarchy and allocate outsourced staff to your in-house team so you can step back and focus on other business issues.

Still unsure about what road to take? Talk to one of our business solution specialists today!

Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc. is a leading IT outsourcing company that continues to dominate the IT Bpo Philippines market. We offer high quality outsourced it services and provide a highly professional offshore staff for businesses worldwide. As one of the leading IT Bpo Solution expert today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff who are sure to exceed your expectations.

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Outsourcing Partnership: The Perfect Relationship

The business process outsourcing trend is not an uncommon thing these days and has now transformed into a subset of outsourcing, which involves contracting operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third party provider. The increasing complexity of new technologies has led to almost an essential need for outsourced it services if companies wanted to continue providing high quality service with up to date technology at minimal financial burden to the business. This is been proven to be exceptionally successful within HR, finance, accounting and IT/web development. However although it’s no doubt service providers offer a highly skilled, educated, cost-effective workforce, being able to establish a strong outsourcing partnership will ensure maximum productivity and profitability.


So how do we do this? Maintaining a successful business partnership is no different to a fruitful marriage – both of them need the highest level of commitment from both parties, whilst of course taking each other’s ego and dignity into consideration. Here are some tips to help you reach an optimal relationship with your IT Outsourcing Partner:

Set Manageable Expectations

A common habit that people who are dedicated to establishing start-up companies tend to do is feeling proud overdoing things, such as over committing to clients, working overtime, over imagining and just generally expecting unrealistic results. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s often these type of people who end up expecting the same amount of dedication from their outsourcing partner. This is highly detrimental to any hope of a deep seeded outsourcing partnership. You need to take into account that your outsourcing service partner have their own schedules and arrangements, and just because they’re not putting in those “not so required extra efforts” doesn’t mean they’re not dedicated to you. If you start walking onto this mindset train, it’s recommended that you jump off immediately, or else the outsourcing partnership will be difficult to sustain.

Respect their Opinion

The benefits of outsourcing is offloading certain jobs to more capable and experienced hands who specialise in that area. Although you are by all means allowed to follow up on procedures and ensure everything is on track, don’t forget that this is their core competency. You must learn to respect your outsourcing partner and the opinions they provide – even if you may not see eye to eye. Know how to differentiate between “Difference of opinion” and “Ignoring someone’s opinion by disrespecting them”. Fail to do this and you will never be in a position to win over your innovative outsourcing partner.

Communication is key to a perfect outsourcing partnership

This is the most crucial part of any successful partnership, and one that requires great deliberation when choosing from today’s top IT Outsourcing companies. Language and cultural discrepancies are common problems and deterrents to outsourcing to an offshore location, thus it’s important that you choose a location that minimises these obstacles. It’s then imperative that you communicate effectively and understand each other’s requirements in order to minimise misunderstandings. On a more practical level, this would involve regular access to a clear, reliable communication link, such as email or instant messaging.

The Philippines is often a highly regarded outsourcing location for these reasons, as their cultural has a strong American influence and are considered on the top of the SEA list on English fluency.

Outsourced is a leading BPO Philippines company that offers high quality outsourced it services and provides a highly professional remote staff – for businesses worldwide. As one of the leading IT bpo solutions expert today, our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore staff who are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information on how to get started with one of the best outsourcing company today, contact us here.

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BPO Services – Quality over cost

There are many misconceptions as to why people choose to outsource, the most common being that its only purpose is to cut corners on wages. Although this was a primary incentive in the beginning, it’s become an initiative companies have been using without prioritising the cheap labour factor. For some businesses, the core question is not how BPO services can be implemented to save money, but rather how it can help in making money for the business. Rather than investing the nuts and bolts of creating the necessary foundation and infrastructure in-house, money is seen as better spent on certain outsourced jobs; giving managers and directions more time to focus on important decisions to maximise business growth.

business outsourcing

But how exactly are companies using business outsourcing services to drive quality and growth? How does it maximise success? Outsourced has found four main reasons why leading companies have been using remote staff that does not involve cost-cutting reasons.

1. To tap into global talent for BPO services

Information Technology is a universal knowledge pool and it’s almost foolish to limit your location range to just your local area when recruiting talent. Some of the best developers or web designers may be situated kilometres away and it’s important to recognise this. Don’t let the fact that they’re in a different country deter you from exploring outside of your geographical range. When

thinking about hiring PHP developers, front end development, Java developers and wordpress web developers, start looking at recruitment agencies who provide the necessary assistance to help you tap into this global talent. This will allow you to research effective communication strategies to accommodate for offshore staff so you may start building up your business to the level it has the potential to be at with top of the range employees from all over the world.

2. To build partnerships that both capture value and reduce risk

Even though outsourcing risks have increased over time, the key to limiting these certain situations to exert control and implement strategies to ensure there is little to no communication or operations issues. Viewing external staff as valuable strategic partners helps all parties to work seamlessly together and maximise cooperation, regardless if they are long term or contracted staff. Quarterly reviews together help openly target key concerns from both ends and build a solid corporate relationship.

3. To establish a unique image to the company name

As new markets emerge, companies need ways to establish a presence before their competitors. Outsourcing IT has become increasing popular as the digital era presents itself more and more as a dominant figure, and it’s become an essential priority for an outsourcing company to sell a unique brand to their name. Although outsourcing may not be an uncommon thing to present to clients, the fact that you can offshore less important tasks will allow you to focus your energy on building up a quality company with a one-of-a-kind look, feel and partnership for your clients. In additional, don’t be afraid to bring in your offshore staff into your advertising strategies. By selling the recruitment strategies, the quality of your offshore staff and how your boost morale despite being in a different country, it’s shines a positive light on you as a director. It shows potential customers that you don’t see your offshore staff as a way to cut costs, rather you still see them as a valuable part of your team. This is extremely attractive to customers as it makes them feel good about possibly working with a company who treats their staff with respect and dignity.

4. To reinforce company culture

People are often under the impression that moving work to overseas may dilute or undermine the company culture. However this is far from the case. By outsourcing repetitive administration duties which do not require a staff member to physically be near you allows your in-house team to focus on bigger projects and implementations to increase the face-value of the company. This is an often popular strategy for the Human Resources department. By shifting the attention away from the menial admin work and offloaded to outsourced staff, your in-house HR team will see a boost in productivity and morale, finding ways to maximise their skills and talents and develop an initiative to power the workforce. You may also delegate vital business aspects such as knowledge process outsourcing.

Outsourced is a leading BPO Philippines outsourcing company that provides a dedicated remote staff while offering high quality BPO solutions and outsourced it services for businesses worldwide. Our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore staff who are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information on how to get started with Outsourced, contact us today.

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Happy client testimonials

Extremely professional

"Outsourced are an extremely professional organisation, easy to to do business with and lightening fast at sorting things out. The staff are super friendly with a 'can do' attitude. They also treat our team very well and we have no complaints (happy productive staff means a happy client)."

Extension of our company

"We have been so happy with the people they have brought on board we have decide to expand the operation. This is testament to the flexibility and determination of the Outsourced team who have been more like an extension of our company rather than a 3rd party."

Incredibly helpful

"Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

High quality

"I want to stress that we have greatly appreciated the services of Outsourced, the service has been exemplary and the work high quality; the staff have been a pleasure to work with. We would like to retain an ongoing relationship with Outsourced."