Telemarketing vs. Telesales: Understanding Their Differences and Offshoring Benefits in the Philippines

Telemarketing and telesales are integral components of a company’s sales strategy, each with its own unique approaches and benefits. When considering offshoring these activities to the Philippines, businesses must weigh the advantages offered by this burgeoning market. From cost efficiency to cultural compatibility, the Philippines presents a compelling case for companies seeking to expand their reach and optimize their sales operations.

In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of telemarketing and telesales, explore the benefits of offshoring these functions to the Philippines, and provide valuable insights for businesses aiming to leverage these strategies effectively.

Telemarketing: The Art Of Creating Opportunities

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Telemarketing is all about initiating contact with potential or existing customers. It’s a proactive approach to create awareness, generate interest, or gather information.

Telemarketers are trained to engage customers in conversations, identify their needs, and create opportunities for future sales. They are not necessarily focused on closing a deal immediately but rather on planting seeds for future business transactions.

When Should You Hire Telemarketers?

Consider hiring telemarketers for the following purposes:

  1. Lead Generation: Telemarketers are invaluable for building a database of potential customers.
  2. Market Research: They excel in gathering customer feedback, conducting surveys, and understanding market trends.
  3. Appointment Setting: Telemarketers can efficiently schedule meetings between your sales team and potential clients.
  4. Promotion of Events or Products: They are adept at informing customers about new products, services, or upcoming events.

Telesales: Directly Selling Over The Phone

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Telesales is a transactional approach focused on directly selling products or services over the phone. Telesales professionals aim to close deals by leveraging their in-depth product knowledge and strong persuasion skills. Unlike telemarketing, telesales prioritizes converting leads into actual sales, emphasizing a direct and immediate sales-oriented approach.

When Should You Hire Telemarketers?

Consider hiring telesales personnel in the following scenarios:

  1. Direct Sales: Suited for businesses with phone-friendly products or services that can be sold directly over the phone.
  2. Up-selling and Cross-selling: Aids businesses in boosting sales value by offering supplementary products or services to customers.
  3. Customer Re-engagement: Ideal for reconnecting with past customers and encouraging repeat purchases.
  4. Lead Conversion: Utilize telesales professionals to convert warm leads into satisfied customers.

Main Differences Between Telemarketing And Telesales

Telemarketing primarily involves creating opportunities, generating leads, and offering information to foster interest in products or services.

Conversely, telesales focuses on direct selling via phone calls, emphasizing making a sale rather than relationship-building. Telesales professionals possess strong persuasion skills and in-depth product knowledge to close deals promptly.

Offshoring Telemarketing and Telesales To The Philippines

Outsourcing telemarketing and telesales to the Philippines offers cost-effectiveness due to lower labor costs, a skilled English-speaking workforce, cultural compatibility with Western businesses, and a time zone advantage for round-the-clock customer services globally.

Benefits Of Offshoring Telemarketing

  • Expanded Market Reach: By leveraging a Filipino team, businesses can extend their market presence across various time zones without straining local resources.
  • Efficient Data Handling: Offshore teams are adept at managing extensive data collection and analysis, particularly for market research purposes.

Benefits Of Offshoring Telesales

  • Augmented Sales Capabilities: Utilizing an offshore team enables businesses to expand their sales activities beyond standard operating hours.
  • Tailored Sales Approaches: Filipino telesales professionals can undergo market-specific training, resulting in the development of tailored and impactful sales techniques.


In summary, the decision between telemarketing and telesales hinges on your specific business objectives.

Telemarketers excels at lead generation and market insights, while telesales specialists are ideal for direct sales and deal closure.

Outsourcing these operations to the Philippines not only cuts costs but also taps into a proficient, English-speaking talent pool, presenting a strategic option for businesses aiming to broaden their scope and enhance operational efficiency.

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