Where to Find and Hire Mobile App Developer Experts

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From brands, games, businesses and service related goods, it seems that everyone wants to own and have their very own app. It’s why highly qualified developers are seemingly hard to find – especially since the good ones aren’t even looking for jobs. Chances are, if you want to if you want to find an app developer, you need to know where to look for the good ones since the demand versus the number of professionals who specialize in this field seems scarce.

So here are some tips to help you land the web and app team that can assist in making your dream app a reality.

Personal & Professional Network

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This is one of the fastest and easiest ways on how to find app developers. And the best part is that you can immediately gauge how well this person would fit your criteria given the recommendation of your personal and professional contacts.

Also, you get to develop more questions and insights, as you talk to your colleagues and contacts, with regards to your requirements in wanting to hire app developer professionals.

College Institutions & Universities

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This could potentially be a hit or a miss – depending on what you are after. Even though students may not have the professional experience that you’re aiming for, you mustn’t discredit the fact that many of today’s most reputable colleges and universities have the most promising students who are well-versed with today’s most in-demand tech-skills in the job market.

Not only will the cost of your project go down, you will most likely get the support of professors who would happily recommend to you their brightest students. After all, nothing beats a “real-life” experience.

Now if you feel that your mobile development project requires more experience, then you might want to try another route when it comes to looking for app developer experts.

Freelance Sites

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Another popular option to try is to hire freelance app developers from several online marketplaces. This is a great alternative for those of you who want to make sure that the development of your mobile app project is done at very reasonable rates. Some of the more well-known freelance sites include:




People Per Hour



Now mind you, even though you can opt to work with these individuals during the initial stages of the development, you must convince them to eventually be on board full-time once your app scales and requires updates.

On a more positive note, this will help you attract the developers who are looking to work long-term with you given that you already have a prototype that is ready for execution.

Design Communities

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 Another place worth checking out when looking to hire a programmer to make an app would be design communities. Since your app is going to need a certain look and feel to it, it’s a smart move to see the designs being showcased in these communities – particularly those related to iOS and Android development projects.

Some of the best places to look would include Behance and Dribble.

App Niche Sites

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Image source: appfutura.com

These would-be sites dedicated to mobile app development and it includes tech sites, blogs, forums, online directories and social networks. See samples below:

App Futura – a tech site that contains a very informative blog and a highly active forum.

Get Apps Done –a job board site dedicated to creating apps.

It’s also good to note down where app developers like to hang out. For Apple developers, you can check out cocos2d for iPhone, iOS developer forums, iPhoneDevSDK and MacRumors Forums.

If you’re looking for android app developer experts, you can check out sites such as Android Forums and Android Pit.

For App Communities, you can take a look at NewAppIdea and Topcoder.

LinkedIn is also a great source when it comes to finding mobile app developers, and alternatively, you can also post jobs there.

Find An App Developer From Outsourcing Services

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Now depending on your budget, you may want to consider getting professional services – without breaking the bank. Hence, outsourcing to other countries that are known for their technical prowess might be the best option for you.

Countries that offer great web and app development services, at a much affordable rates, includes Belarus, Central Africa, Philippines, India and Ukraine.

On a previous article on outsourcing IT BPO services, it discusses how this type of set-up can produce better productivity. This is due to the diverse geographical presence that allows businesses to be more cost-effective business given the freedom from technology and update costs.

Moreover, when you decide to outsource your web and app development tasks to a reputable outsourcing company, then you can expect quality project management services that includes a team of professional developers, designers and QA testers. In addition to this, a workflow process should be provided to you. This allows you to communicate with your outsourcing partner, as well as the team that will work with you on a regular basis.

To wrap things up, the best way to find mobile app developers that are right for your web project entails you to clearly state what your requirements are; what features must be present and how the app must perform once it has been built.

Once this has been communicated to your web and app team, then you can easily use the suggested methods above and start looking for the mobile app developers that you wish to hire.

Alternatively, if you are looking to outsource mobile app development services, it is best to partner up with a reputable outsourcing company. Contact Outsourced to know more about hiring mobile app developers for your web projects today.


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