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PHP is used in more than 80 percent of all web projects as a server side language and still standing popular and prevalent despite experts suggesting otherwise. As a business owner or project manager, being able to determine who is the right fit for your team when it comes to PHP developers is no easy feat – ideally you will want someone with the right amount of expert knowledge that you can trust to deliver dynamic and responsive websites that meet your standards and expectations. This is even more crucial if use Philippines offshoring staff. PHP, although easy to learn, is difficult to master and it’s imperative that you select these masters in order to guarantee product satisfaction. In order to help you out, here is a basic guide on how to filter and hire PHP developers who are perfect for your team.

Stage 1: The Recruitment Process

In order to attract the right candidates with right level of experience, you need to provide a very thorough and detailed job description which outlines exactly what you’re looking for. This includes advertising all the specific and compulsory skill sets they need as well as the frameworks you intend to use. By being clear about the qualities the right candidate needs to have, you filter out inexperienced developers which makes the selection process a lot easier on your end. That being said, a flawlessly executed recruitment process all begins with knowing how to strike out the unfit candidates in order to prevent any time being wasted for both parties. There will be plenty of bold applicants who do not meet the requirements but aren’t afraid to apply anyway. It is at your discretion whether to admire this boldness and give them a chance, but it is recommendable that you go with candidates who can already prove their skills and worth to the team.

Stage 2: The Interview

So you’ve been inundated with applicants which you have been able to round down to a handful. How do you determine who is the best fit? The best interview method for any job is to focus on what you want the successful candidate to have: in a PHP developer’s case, the major asset you would want it’s their ability to problem solve. Therefore, the most recommendable approach is to propose a problem to them from a current project you’re working on and see how they go about in solving it. Examine the way they are trying to solve the problem and what tools and methodology they are using. This gives you a clear insight as to how they will work within your company and whether they are a good fit for what you are trying to achieve.

The second desirable characteristic is their work ethic and communication skills. This is fundamentally crucial especially when you are offshoring your work. Because they’re not down the hall from your desk for you to have a passing conversation on the progress of the project, it’s essential that they can prove they have a good track record of providing regular WIP (Work in Progress) reports and that they have the ability to work independently without being chased up consistently. Ideally, you should be able to give them a project brief and trust that they will be able to get started on it without you micromanaging. Getting them to provide a list of clients they have previously worked with for you to contact is a good way of sussing out their working habits.

Stage 3: The Technical Test

It’s clear they can talk the talk. But can they walk the walk? Always evaluate some of their past work through how well the company is performing. If they have a successful business client then this is a clear indicator that they possess the knowledge and solutions to website performance and production challenges which may occur. However, always be aware that not all companies are fortunate enough to be lucrative, not matter how great the website is. Be thorough, evaluate a number of their different websites and compare the ratio of successful vs unsuccessful. Furthermore, this also provides a good indicator on their ability to adapt to different business structures and target audience groups, which is a definite requirement if you want someone who can work harmoniously with your pre-existing business model.

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