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When customers don’t receive the help they need on their first call, they can become frustrated and belligerent. The best way to head off these problems is to provide after hours support services to address your customer’s issues immediately.

The problem is that not many companies can afford to pay for a 24 hour customer service, due to the penalty rates that need to be paid to employees. This leaves your business in a precarious position where you are losing customers, but unable to fund after hours support which would help to solve the problem.

However, since customers can purchase just about anything online 24/7, it makes sense to offer after hours call centre services. In fact, your customers will expect to speak to someone in customer service if they are having a problem with their order. So what can you do?

After hours support services in the Philippines

The solution is to keep your in-house call centre operating but supplement it with an after hours call centre based in the Philippines. This is the best solution for your company, regardless of where you are located. For example, if you are located in the US or the UK, our professional customer support staff will work during the day in the Philippines to provide after hours support to your customers. In Australia, they would operate at night due to the similar time zones.

However, regardless of the hours worked, hiring after hours IT support, 24 hour online chat support or after hours help desk support is extremely cost-effective in the Philippines. That’s why a large number of companies around the world leverage these services to provide their customers with the support they deserve.

Benefits of outsourcing after hours call centre services to the Philippines

As already mentioned, the biggest benefit of outsourcing after hours services to the Philippines is the cost. That’s because Filipinos are paid a good wage, but it’s much less than employees are paid to work the same hours in other countries (you can save up to 75% of regular costs). Filipinos will also eagerly work during the night or on weekends and public holidays, as they are a work oriented people. This works well for everyone, because they earn a very good wage to support their family and the companies who hire these after hours call centre services provide the service their customers expect at a fraction of the regular cost.

Other benefits include the ability to scale these services to match the number of calls. For example, you might expect more calls around Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year, whilst fewer at other times. Increasing or decreasing in-house employee numbers overnight is fairly impossible at such short notice, but it’s easy when you operate an after hours call centre in the Philippines. You also have access to a very talented pool of professional call centre operators, so you won’t need to spend time and money on training. There’s also a cultural work ethic amongst Filipinos that requires them to work hard for their employers and provide for their families. Finally, Filipinos speak fluent English, because it’s the official language of the Philippines.

So if you want to provide a 24 hour chat support or after hours call centre support (chat, email or phone) for your customers, call the team at Outsourced today.