offshore outsourcing

When selecting a freelancer or third party outsourcing company for your business, there are several factors to be taken into consideration to ensure you are working with the most suitable partner. Here are a few tips to ensure your professional relationship with your outsourcing partner is effective and maximises business growth.

Research, research, research.

In order to be left with the perfect offshore outsourcing partner for your company, it’s advisable to research your contending companies or freelancers, including their mission statements, the standards they hold and how business is done. Be sure that they’re the type of company to prioritise your success and truly care about completing their job properly for your benefit and are interested in establishing a concrete professional relationship. By short selecting this type of business process outsourcing partner, not only does it guarantee a successful partnership, but it also means they won’t hesitate to acknowledge if their services aren’t a good fit for the work you are requesting, even if it means the loss of a prospective client.

Consider the size of your project.

If your project contains a multitude of diverse tasks, chances are that you will need to look for a company rather than an individual to ensure that the work that you are outsourcing is completed to the standard you desire. Whilst a freelancer may be suitable for simple projects, they may not have the skills necessary to complete bigger, more complex jobs effectively.

Analyse and verify skills being presented.

It’s beneficial to ask about their professional background, their history with various projects and how they performed. In saying so, references are a crucial determination of verifying these skills that are being put forward. By discussing the work of your potential outsourcing partner with their past clients and researching how their performed, it gives you a window to a general idea of the standard to which they work and what to expect should you hire them.

Don’t sacrifice outsourcing partner value for money.

Cheaper does not necessarily mean better especially when it comes to outsourcing it services. It’s imperative that you look at the substantial value they company has to offer against what you pay. When selecting an offshore staff and outsourcing partner, analyse their experience, practices, risk management, local knowledge and accountability. All of these factors are crucial to ensuring a successful partnership and it’s not advisable to compromise these elements in exchange for a cheaper rate.

Are they reliable?

One advantage of having a third party offshore outsourcing partner is that you eliminate the trouble of hiring another employee to your company whilst saving on labour costs. However this essentially requires a heavy amount of trust and communication skills as they aren’t situated down the hall from your office where you can easily catch up with their progress at any given time. A high level of reliability needs to be expected so you can be guaranteed with a consistent workflow without needing to micromanage their every move. As a CEO or Director, your aim is to establish a trusting professional relationship with the security that your employers are completing their job effectively and efficiently. This will allow you to concentrate on your own responsibilities.

Be sure you can communication isn’t an issue.

Communication is essential for any project. Finding a potential offshore outsourcing partner often has you looking at overseas countries, meaning you need to establish an effective method for daily interaction for project progression meetings and updates. That said, it’s also important there is a minimal language barrier existing – it can be quite restrictive if your outsourcing partner has difficulty understanding your instructions due to their lack of English proficiency. Be sure to choose an outsourcing country that provides this; the bpo Philippines industry has been a popular bpo solutions and outsourcing hub due to their strong English fluency and heavily Americanised culture, allowing them to work effectively with Australian companies.

Allow these steps to be a guide to choosing and filtering your outsourcing partner to ensure you receive the best partnership for your company.

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