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In order to survive the fast digitisation of society, every company needs a website. As more and more people are becoming internet savvy and dependant, it’s a crucial time for businesses to invest in a website as an accessible point of contact for your customers an clients and to uphold a professional online profile. However not only is there need for an existing website, there’s the equally important need to have one that has an outburst of quality, design, content and backend technology. It’s for this reason that deciding who is responsible for the creation of your online content can be difficult. Do you save money and design your website within your company though risk poor quality work, or do you hire a third party company? And if the latter, can your company afford to do so? So how do you decide?

outsourcing web development

Evaluate your internal resources.

Take a look at your staff and determine if have the right people to create a successful website for your business. Some of people you would need include a marketing leader with heavy online expertise, skilled graphic designer, web developer, copywriter and project manager.

Ask yourself: can in in-house “one person team” do the job properly? 

Many small and medium sized businesses have a dedicated web person or webmaster to handle their website. While these people are skilled enough to make updates to the website, designing and building a website from scratch requires both creative and technical competencies. Finding a person that does both design and development well can be exceptionally difficult.

If your business has a one-person web team, you might want to consider making that person the project manager and outsourcing your web design project. Outsourcing to a team of professionals will give you several skill sets that know how to work together to get results.

Evaluate time commitment 

Once you determine if you have the necessary talent in place to successfully redesign your website in-house, the next hurdle is how to take a person to team off of other projects and devote significant staff time. Website design is not something that can be done “on the side” – it requires full dedication and attention.

Outsource to offset weakness

After you evaluate the abilities of your staff, you may find that in-house recourses would be well suited for part of the project but not others. If this is the case, you might want to consider outsourcing part of the project. You may have a great project manager but lack design talent. You may even have a generalist that can design a website, but no one to assist with the initial website strategy and planning.

Outsource if you need a fresh perspective 

In both the client and the agency role, there is a lot of value in the fresh perspective that outsourcing your web design can bring. There is such hing as being “too close” to your products and services. When you work in a company for yours, you tend to forget the questions that people new to your product or service might have. An outside opinion helps to stimulate new ideas that your website and content could benefit from. Because an outside agency doesn’t know your business as well as you do, they can think like your customer in ways that you simply can’t. By outsourcing web development, they can see your business and your products/services like a real customer would, and ask the same questions that your prospect might.

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