sales outsourcing philippines

Are you concerned about the performance, outcomes and costs of your sales team? Maybe you need to expand your team but are unable to carry the costs of recruitment, hiring and onboarding. Then there’s the problem of finding the right people with the experience and skills you need to begin meeting their sales goals immediately.

That’s where sales outsourcing to the Philippines can help, because it’s the solution to all of these problems.

What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is where you contract a third party to engage a highly experienced and talented sales team for your company. This new team works alongside your in-house team and uses your systems and processes to identify potential leads, engage these leads and then pass them onto your account executives.

What are the benefits of sales outsourcing to the Philippines?

A large number of local, national and multi-national companies now rely on sales outsourcing to the Philippines to grow and expand their business and their revenue. This is a cost-effective strategy that has proven to create better results than in-house sales teams, giving your company a significant competitive edge.

Running multiple campaigns, combined with high attrition rates and rising customer acquisition costs are challenges that can become insurmountable for many companies. After all, when your revenue is based on the results of an in-house sales team, attrition, rising costs and less than par performances eventually take their toll.

The benefits of partnering with Outsourced, a leading provider of offshore outsourcing in the Philippines is that we help your business save money and still achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. So let’s take a look at the how sales outsourcing to the Philippines can solve some of your biggest pain points.

Outsourcing drastically reduces your attrition rates

Outsourcing to the Philippines means that you can build a team of experienced sales professionals who are dedicated to your company. They work full-time and become emersed in your company’s culture, ethics and values. Filipinos are extremely hard working and loyal employees. This minimises your attrition rates and allows you to build a solid team of sales professionals who remain with your company for many hears.

Outsourcing allows you to run multiple sales campaigns

Building multiple sales teams to work on different campaigns is one of the big benefits of outsourcing. We can manage the day to day needs of these teams for you at our state-of-the-art facility in Manila, whilst you manage their daily sales activities. You have complete control over their work, enabling your company to easily integrate your campaigns and achieve your desired outcomes.

Outsourcing gives you access to a pool of talented professionals

As the leading provider of outsourced sales professionals in the Philippines, we have access to an extensive pool of talented professionals who have the experience, skills and background you require. We can find you anything from one additional team member to one or more highly capable sales teams who will work alongside your in-house teams to achieve your goals.

Outsourcing saves you money and increases your bottom line

Outsourced manages the recruitment, hiring, onboarding and day to day management of your new sales team. This saves you up to 75% of the costs compared to hiring locally. It’s a proven strategy for hiring exceptional staff without breaking the bank.

To discuss how outsourcing your sales staff to the Philippines can help your bottom line, contact our specialist team today for more information.