Working from home in the Philippines can be a challenge to some people, whilst others take to it like a duck to water. Many people find that working remotely makes them happier and more fulfilled, simply because it fits so easily into their lifestyle. One of your biggest challenges however, can be staying focused when there may be too many distractions at home.

How to boost your productivity working from home - Outsourced PH

So if you are hoping to work from home successfully full-time or even part-time, here are seven tips that should help you to work efficiently and ramp up your productivity.

1.    Keep regular working hours

If you are working at home as part of a team, you need to keep regular working hours. You do need to be available to your colleagues and manager, as well as customers if you provide a customer related service, but there is some flexibility in your hours. You could start early and finish early or start later and work into the evening. Keeping to a regular schedule however, will help you to be more productive and efficient.

2.    Organise a permanent working area

Whether you use a home office or a spare bedroom, always have a designated area that is dedicated to your work. This allows you to get yourself into your ‘work’ mode at the beginning of the day and back into your personal time when you end your working day.

3.    Plan your work schedule

Just as you would plan your work if you were at the office, always plan your work schedule when working from home. Even if you only focus on the next day’s work load, this gives you a set number of goals for each day, preventing you from finishing early and turning on the TV.

4.    Plan for breaks each day

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all breaks that you would normally take in an office, so include these in each day’s schedule. These short breaks help to relax your mind, so that you can quickly refocus when you get back to work.

5.    Don’t work in your pyjamas!

Whilst you don’t need to dress up in your regular office clothes if you are working from home, it’s also not a good strategy to sit there in your pyjamas. Wearing suitable clothes helps to move your thoughts into work mode, and is particularly relevant if you use Skype to discuss work with your colleagues!

6.    Set family boundaries

Trying to look after a toddler when you should be working isn’t productive or efficient. Flatmates, family and your partner all need to be aware of your regular ‘office’ hours, so that they can leave you alone to work. If people are at home during the day, then meet up with them during your breaks, but don’t allow them to interrupt your day’s work, as you can lose focus very quickly.

7.    Keep your office space tidy

Another good way to keep your productivity high is to maintain a clean and tidy work space. This means that you need to clean away coffee cups and don’t eat at your desk. Remember that you are creating a work environment at home, so maintaining a healthy work space is vital for keeping focused and productive.

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