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Anyone working in the real estate industry knows that time is money, so have you considered hiring a real estate virtual assistant in the Philippines?

Offshore staffing to the Philippines is a growing industry and has become a very popular strategy for many companies around the world. One of the biggest reasons for this popularity is because most of the administrative tasks can be performed by experienced remote staff. This not only saves the company money (because offshore staffing is up to 75% cheaper than hiring locally) but it also allows key staff to focus on their core business. 

Benefits of a virtual assistant for your real estate agency

You might be amazed at the amount of time that’s freed up when you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines for your real estate agency. Just think about all the time you spend on office work – wouldn’t it be better if you were drumming up new clients and increasing your sales? Real Estate Outsourcing is a booming service in the Philippines, let us help your Real Estate business with dedicated remote staff. 

If you are just a small agency with only one transaction every 4 to 6 weeks, for example, then you most probably have enough spare time to do all the paperwork. However, if you want to grow your business, you need to treat your time as a valuable asset and hire an experienced real estate virtual assistant.

So what tasks can a real estate agent virtual assistant perform?

This all depends on the size of your agency and your specific needs, but here is a list of tasks that your virtual assistant can take off your hands.

Administrative work: Email filtering, appointment setting, calendar management, spreadsheets, filing and documentation.

Marketing & promotion: Website management, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing and content writing.

Sales & leads: E-mail marketing and following up leads.

Office tasks: Accounting, IT and HR.

Other more specialised tasks can include translation and transcription, market research and graphic design. You will most probably only need them to cover your administrative tasks initially, but as you grow and expand your agency, you will quickly realise the value of a real estate virtual assistant.

However, if you run your own property investment business, rather than an agency, then you might consider hiring a real estate investor virtual assistant. This person can do as many of the previously mentioned tasks as needed to keep your business running smoothly, except that they focus on investments instead of sales.

Benefits of hiring a real estate virtual assistant in the Philippines

Outsourced is one of the leading suppliers of real estate virtual assistant services in the Philippines. That’s because we manage the entire recruitment and onboarding processes, even providing all the resources and infrastructure needed for your remote staff to fulfil their roles within your company (they even work from our state-of-the-art facility in the Philippines).

This strategy saves you an enormous amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on a local recruitment drive, not to mention the difference in wages between the two countries. So if you need help to expand your agency, then your best strategy is to contact the outsourcing experts in the Philippines today!

For more information on hiring a real estate virtual assistant in the Philippines, call the team at Outsourced today.