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Health coaches and personal trainers can often become consumed by their jobs. That’s because they not only need to cope with the challenges of finding clients, but also motivating them over the long term and then running their own business at the same time. That’s why hiring remote staff, for example a virtual assistant for coaches can make all the difference.

Benefits of a virtual assistant for health coaches & personal trainers

A virtual assistant for health coaches or personal trainers can allow you to focus on building your business without worrying about running your business. That’s because there are lots of tasks that can be left to an experienced virtual assistant. Many of these tasks you may find time consuming and many others you just don’t have the skills to do properly or simply don’t like doing them!

These are some of the reasons that offshore staffing has become so popular over the past few years, because it allows you to focus on the parts of your business you enjoy. So what are the obvious signs that you need a virtual assistant for personal trainers or health coaches?

  • You don’t have enough hours in the day to answer all your emails.
  • You don’t have any systems in place to keep your business running smoothly.
  • You struggle to meet business deadlines and appointments.
  • You have no idea how to set up a marketing campaign or deal with social media.
  • You need a new website but don’t have the time to do anything with it.
  • You don’t have a website and don’t have the time to do anything about it.
  • You are working 7 days a week and don’t seem to have a life anymore!

If any of these situations rings a bell with you, then it’s time to consider outsourcing in the Philippines!

Tasks that can be performed by a virtual assistant for coaches

Whatever tasks you find time consuming, difficult to perform or you simply don’t like doing yourself can be passed onto a virtual assistant for coaches. Here’s a list of tasks that can be performed by your virtual assistant:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Managing your emails.
  • Creating and updating your social media accounts.
  • Developing and managing your website.
  • Creating online content.
  • Responding to online reviews, questions or comments.
  • Developing and managing marketing campaigns.
  • Making travel arrangements.
  • Keeping your accounts up to date.
  • Creating onboarding documentation for your clients.
  • Recording client information 
  • Maintaining documentation of client sessions.
  • Accounts and bookkeeping.
  • Handling phone enquiries.
  • Transcribing notes.

Anything that needs to be done to keep your business running that doesn’t involve face-to-face sessions with your clients, can be performed by a virtual assistant for health coaches or personal trainers. 

Benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines

There are many benefits to outsourcing in the Philippines, but essentially, you save time and money – both rare commodities! You save time because you have an expert virtual assistant available to look after all your office work, marketing, scheduling and so on, leaving you to work with your clients. You save money because we handle the recruitment and onboarding, and since they work locally at Outsourced, we provide all the resources they need. 

To find out more about hiring a virtual assistant for coaches, call the team at Outsourced today.