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A transcript writer, also known as a transcriptionist, is responsible for converting spoken words into written text. This process is known as transcription. Transcript writers in the Philippines can work with a variety of audio and video materials, including interviews, meetings, court proceedings, medical recordings, and more.

Whether it’s the minutes from the last weekly meeting or you need the transcript from a lecture you’re about to give, outsourcing to a transcriptionist or transcript writer is a perfect way to free up your time and make sure you never lose track of what was said.

Transcription can be an excellent solution for general administration and is highly beneficial in specialized industries such business, medical, or legal professions. Outsource your transcription to the Philippines with a dedicated full-time remote Audio Transcription Typists.

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Transcriptionists are usually hired based on their accuracy and expertise providing quick turnaround to ensure their clients are not left without documents or notes when they need them. The limits to general transcription jobs are endless and can be phone conversations, teleconferences, webinars, seminars, Youtube videos, or just about any other recording you need written down. Although freelancing is a popular option, these transcriptionists can sometimes have their focus split among many clients, meaning your work could take way longer than expected to get back to you. 

We have experience hiring various remote transcription roles in the Philippines such as:

  • Transcriptionist
  • Audio Transcription Typists
  • Admin/Audio Transcriber
  • Audio Transcription Typists
  • Transcription Typists

Some of our clients have hired Medical Transcription or Medical Typist, or Legal Transcribers for transcribing court hearings. We can hire for any industry – as long as the transcription outsourcing services can be done remotely.

Medical Typist in the Philippines

A Medical Typist, or Medical Transcriptionist, is responsible for accurately converting voice-recorded medical reports from healthcare professionals into written text. This role requires meticulous listening to audio recordings, which can include various types of patient information, and transcribing them while adhering to grammatical rules and medical documentation standards. Medical Typists must be proficient in medical terminology and jargon, ensuring that transcriptions are clear, precise, and coherent.

In addition to transcribing, Medical Typists must edit and proofread documents for errors, format them according to institutional guidelines, and maintain the confidentiality of patient information, complying with laws like HIPAA. They utilize specialized transcription equipment and software, often entering information into Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Accuracy is paramount in this position as these records are integral for patient care, billing, legal evidence, and the overall operation of healthcare services.

Legal Transcribers in the Philippines

Legal Transcribers are specialized transcriptionists who focus on converting audio recordings into written form. Their main job is to listen to recordings of legal proceedings, such as court hearings, depositions, and attorney-client meetings, and accurately transcribe them into official documents. They must have an excellent understanding of legal terminology and be able to produce precise transcripts that can be used for legal records, case preparation, and legal proceedings. Legal Transcribers need to ensure that their transcriptions are accurate representations of the recordings, often including speaker identifications and any non-verbal communication that is relevant to the record.

Hire Talented Offshore Transcriptionists From Outsourced

Transcriptionists are integral to a wide array of fields beyond medical and legal transcription, encompassing general business, where they transcribe meetings and corporate events; media, providing transcripts for TV and radio broadcasts; education, transcribing lectures and academic material; financial services, documenting earnings calls and financial reports; research, converting interviews and discussions into text; and closed captioning for accessibility in multimedia. Their expertise ensures that spoken words are accurately captured in written form, catering to different industries’ specific terminologies and requirements, and facilitating the broader accessibility and documentation of audio and video content.

Transcribers can hold various job titles depending on their area of specialization, the industry they work in, and the specific duties they perform. Here are some job titles that transcribers might have:

  1. Medical Transcriptionist / Medical Transcriber: Specializes in transcribing audio recordings of medical professionals into written medical reports.
  2. Legal Transcriptionist / Legal Transcriber: Focuses on creating written records of legal proceedings from audio or video recordings.
  3. Court Reporter: Often used interchangeably with legal transcriptionists, but specifically refers to professionals who transcribe legal proceedings in real-time during court sessions.
  4. Stenographer: Uses a stenotype machine to transcribe spoken words in real-time. They can work in legal settings (court stenographer) or other live transcription environments.
  5. Closed Captioner: Writes captions for television programs, online videos, and movies, ensuring that deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences can access the audio content.
  6. Subtitler: Similar to a closed captioner but also translates dialogue into another language for viewers who do not speak the original language of the content.
  7. General Transcriptionist: Works across various industries, transcribing general audio files like interviews, lectures, and seminars.
  8. Business Transcriptionist: Specializes in transcribing business-related audio, such as corporate meetings, earnings calls, and conferences.
  9. Broadcast Captioner: Provides live captioning for television broadcasters, often working in real-time to transcribe news, sports events, and other live broadcasts.
  10. Transcription Editor / Proofreader: Reviews and edits transcribed documents to ensure accuracy and adherence to format and style guidelines.
  11. Transcription Supervisor / Manager: Oversees a team of transcriptionists, ensuring quality control, managing workflows, and meeting deadlines.
  12. Voice Writer: Uses voice recognition software to transcribe spoken word in real-time, often in legal or live broadcast settings.

Outsourced provides a superior transcription outsourcing service ensuring anything you need can be transcribed accurately, ready for use in your business with quality dedicated remote staff in the Philippines. This leaves you more time to focus on the more urgent demands of your company. When you outsource a transcriptionist through Outsourced, you are guaranteed a quality, timely transcription of your work every time.

To learn more about hiring a transcriptionist in the Philippines, simply contact us now.

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