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An animator in the Philippines produces multiple digital (or hand-drawn) image frames sequenced together to create the illusion of movement – animation. With major international companies including Warner Bros., Pixar and Disney already utilizing animation outsourcing services in the Philippines, the potential benefits to your business are undeniable.

Animators tend to work in 2D, 3D model-making, stop-frame or computer-generated animation. Whether you’re looking for a 2D animator or 3D animator, look no further than Outsourced to hire your animation specialist.

In the Philippines, workers are fluent in English as it is one of the official languages of the country. This is incredibly important in for any design and animation work as it prevents language barrier issues, and allows for the mutual understanding of nuanced ideas that can truly elevate your project. 

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At Outsourced, we are experienced at hiring quality offshore animators who provide 2D and 3D animation for use on social media, TV advertising, explainer videos, infographics, brochures, PowerPoint, Video Games, Training Modules, Films and much more. 

Whether you are looking for a home-based remote animation specialist or a team of dedicated office-based animators in the Philippines, look no further than Outsourced.

Animator and Animation Outsourcing

Some of the popular animation and multimedia offshore staffing roles with Outsourced include:

  • Motion Graphics Designer/ Animator
  • Digital Designer
  • 3D Animator/ Visualiser
  • Video Animator
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Artist 2D/3D
  • Game Artist/ Illustrator
  • Animation & Video Designer
  • Video Content Producer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • UI UX Interaction Designer
  • Character Animator
  • Game Animator:
  • VR/AR Animator

Benefits Of Hiring Skilled Animators In The Philippines

Hiring skilled animators in the Philippines offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking exceptional animation services. Here are the advantages of hiring skilled animators in the Philippines:

  • Abundant Talent Pool: The Philippines has a rich pool of talented animators with a strong artistic background and a deep understanding of animation principles.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Skilled animators in the Philippines offer high-quality work at competitive rates, providing cost savings for businesses.
  • English Proficiency: The country’s high English proficiency levels ensure effective communication and understanding of project requirements.
  • Cultural Affinity: Filipino animators often possess a strong Western cultural influence, making it easier to produce animation that resonates with global audiences.
  • Time Zone Advantage: The Philippines’ time zone aligns well with many regions, enabling real-time collaboration and faster project turnaround.
  • Technical Expertise: Filipino animators are skilled in various animation software and tools, ensuring the delivery of top-notch animations.
  • Strong Work Ethic: Filipino animators are known for their dedication, professionalism, and ability to meet deadlines effectively.

These factors combine to make hiring skilled animators in the Philippines a smart choice for businesses seeking high-quality animation services at competitive rates.

Build Your Animation Team In The Philippines

If you want to build a team of expert animators, it is important to select the right outsourcing partner.

When seeking an outsourcing partner in the Philippines to access the top 1% of talent, consider their industry reputation and established presence. Look for expertise in talent acquisition, including rigorous screening processes.

Cultural alignment is crucial for effective collaboration. Comprehensive support should be provided, such as HR management and project infrastructure.

Request evidence of success stories and client testimonials. By selecting an outsourcing partner with these qualities, you can tap into the top talent pool in the Philippines and establish a successful partnership for your animation projects, ensuring access to exceptional skills and expertise.

Hire Full-Time Offshore Animators With Outsourced

Hire dedicated quality full time offshore animators with Outsourced and you can enjoy a quality of work that is equal if not better than what you would receive locally, but at a fraction of the cost.

Filipino digital designers and animators offer a myriad of skills that are essential in today’s multimedia-driven landscape. Motion Graphics Designers and Video Animators in the Philippines, for instance, provide dynamic visual storytelling capabilities that enhance brand stories and convey complex ideas. 3D Animators add depth and realism to projects, while Video Editors ensure high-quality production. On the other hand, Game Artists infuse artistic flair into gaming environments, and UI UX Interaction Designers ensure that digital platforms are both visually compelling and user-friendly.

With the rise of emerging technologies, roles such as VR/AR Animators in the Philippines have become increasingly vital, ensuring immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality platforms. Offshore Multimedia Designers bring versatility, adept in creating content for various media types.

In essence, hiring individuals from this spectrum ensures that a company’s digital content is engaging, innovative, and aligns seamlessly with its brand or campaign objectives. Contact Outsourced today to experience the advantages of animation outsourcing in the Philippines for yourself.

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