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If your company is involved in drug trials or medical research in the Philippines, you will appreciate the need for a remote clinical research coordinator to manage all aspects of your studies. Also called a clinical trial coordinator, these senior employees play an integral role in many different types medical research.

A clinical research coordinator ensures that every trial complies with federal, regional and company regulations and adheres to the study’s guidelines. They develop recruitment strategies, screen participants for eligibility, and liaise with both participants and other study teams throughout the trial. A remote clinical research coordinator typically works under the direction of the Principal Investigator of the study, supporting, facilitating and organising the activities of the trail on a daily basis.

A clinical trial coordinator in the Philippines is a high level role that requires at least a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, medical technology, public health or other relevant qualification. It also requires a significant amount of experience, as well as a master’s degree in some instances. Other essential team members may include a clinical data coordinator and a clinical care coordinator.

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A clinical data coordinator deals with clinical information or data. Their role includes the handling, storing and organising all of the study’s data, including patient records and the results of each trial. Expertise with a range of database systems, medical coding and quality control are skills that are required by a remote clinical data coordinator. They often have a statistical background, so data management is a large part of their daily work. A clinical data coordinator is able to not only optimise data collection methods but educate other members of the study team to improve the quality of data. They also provide data to the researchers for further analysis.

A remote clinical care coordinator in a research setting documents participants’ medical histories and symptoms, sets up patient care plans, explains the study to participants, and collaborates with other team members. They are often a registered nurse with experience working in medical research.

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