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A remote DevOps engineer bridges the gap between software developers and IT staff. They allow companies to develop and release small features or apps and incorporate feedback into the next itineration very quickly. The result is fewer software failures and a reduced lead time between fixes. Their role involves development, testing and deployment for CI/CD pipelines.

Offshore DevOps engineers in the Philippines require knowledge of cloud providers, for example AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure and GCP. They also require hands-on knowledge of configuration management and deployment tools, such as Puppet, Ansible and Terraform. They must be proficient in scripting, Git and in CI/CD. 

Other professionals who work within the same area include a DevOps architect, DevOps software engineer and a cloud DevOps engineer. They can all perform the same duties, however, each of these professionals tends to lean more towards one form of speciality than other. For example, a remote DevOps architect has a deep knowledge of the entire field and is usually hired for their leadership skills and their ability to manage projects and facilitate teams. 

A remote DevOps software engineer focuses more on how well software fits the needs of the client. They design software for specific clients, work with programmers to write the code, evaluate the use of the software by the client and improve its performance based on client feedback. An offshore cloud DevOps engineer primarily designs cloud systems for major companies, creating remote networks that are used by companies to share and analyse big data, store back-up data, and test and develop apps.

If you have a small company and want to move into developing apps and software, you might decide to hire a remote DevOps engineer who has experience in all the above areas. On the other hand, if you already have an IT development department, you might decide to hire a remote DevOps architect to oversee this department. You could even expand your IT department by hiring a DevOps software engineer or a cloud DevOps engineer.

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Hiring a DevOps professional, whether an engineer, software engineer, architect or cloud engineer is a very cost effective strategy for your company. 

Outsourced provides a range of highly experienced DevOps professionals to suit your company’s needs:

  • DevOps engineer
  • DevOps architect
  • DevOps software engineer
  • Cloud DevOps engineer

We manage the recruitment and onboarding processes for your company, presenting you with a shortlist of qualified candidates, based on your criteria. Your new employee will operate locally from Outsourced and we provide them with all the technology, resources and infrastructure they need to fulfill their role with your company. We also manage all their HR needs, payroll and sick leave, etc. 

Hiring professional employees via Outsourced saves your company a significant amount of time and money, in both the short and long term. Your new DevOps engineer, architect, software engineer or cloud DevOps engineer will quickly become an invaluable member of your team.

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Hire Dedicated Offshore DevOps Engineers and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally.

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