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Also known as a BIM Coordinator, Mechanical BIM Designer or Project BIM Manager, a remote BIM Modeller (Building Information Modelling) is a specialist in Digital Construction and Information Management. Their role is essential during the design, construction and handover stages of building projects, focussing on developing digital representations of a building’s physical and functional characteristics.

BIM Modeller are highly proficient in creating 3D visual plans and work closely with engineers and architects to develop designs for their employer’s clients. They are often employed by architectural firms and construction companies to improve efficiencies during a project using digital technology.

Essentially, a Project BIM Modeller supports the use of digital technology for architectural, engineering and construction projects. They collaborate with contractors, designers and suppliers, overseeing the process of bringing together the relevant data, drawings and schedules of a project. Their actual role can vary depending on whether they are working for a construction company, architectural firm or a design agency.

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When you include an offshore BIM Modeller in your team, they will have excellent IT skills and the ability to use different types of software to drive the project forward. They will also possess exceptional communication skills, as well as attention to detail and a strong ability to meet deadlines.

Tasks performed by a BIM Modeller

The tasks of an offshore BIM Modeller include meeting corporate objectives, researching data for a project, optimising processes and workflows, maintaining and implementing best practices and training other members of the team. It also includes managing the BIM team and ensuring that each project runs smoothly and efficiently.

They are highly proficient in the use of all relevant software and digital tools to create 3D models, particularly Autodesk’s Revit. Using this software, your offshore BIM Modeller facilitates collaboration between engineers, contractors, architects and designers, incorporating their inputs into the design process.

BIM Modelling is an emerging and growing field that is revolutionising the construction industry around the world. That’s because your BIM Modeller can help to significantly increase your company’s productivity and completion times.

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