For many years, India was the country that was known for outsourcing solutions. However, other Asian countries have started to rise up as new and advantageous opportunities for outsourcing. One of such countries is the Philippines.

When looking into business process outsourcing (BPO), you’ll see that this industry has been steadily increasing within the Philippines. It is currently the second largest contributor to GPD for the country. The Philippines serves as a resource for business process outsourcing for countries around the world, including the United States.

So why should you consider Philippine outsourcing, and what kind of services can you outsource to the Philippines? Let’s discuss these points in more detail.

Benefits of Philippine Outsourcing

·       Good Economic Situation

Continuous economic growth over the last few years has led to good projections for the future of the Philippines. Also, the good relationship between the Philippines and the United States creates an environment that supports further growth.

·       Language and Culture

The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. Actually, the Philippines is one of the largest countries of English speakers. Beyond the fact that most Filipinos are fluent in English, their accent is known to be somewhat neutral. This is a huge advantage for customer service providers.

Along with the language, the culture of the Philippines is also conducive to outsourcing. The Philippines was colonized by the United States between the years 1899 and 1946. The influence that the United States left on this nation is clearly evident.

As a people, Filipinos also tend to be very adaptable.

·       Cost Reductions

The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower than in the United States, meaning that wages are also quite a bit lower. In fact, a contact center agent may earn as much as 20% less in the Philippines than in the United States.

Besides this, property prices and operational overhead are all significantly lower than in the United States.

·       Government Support

Due to the fast growth of Philippine outsourcing, the government has aided in making this a profitable industry for the country. Thus, there are investment incentives and other government policies that help outsourcers to save money.

Another government aid has come through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. This department has government-sponsored programs to train outsourced workers.

·       Diverse Experience and Talent

Due to new government policies towards the growth of the BPO industry, many universities in the Philippines now offer BPO-specific courses to help train new workers in this field. As a result, the skilled workforce is more willing and able to meet the needs of outsourcers from around the world, no matter what the focus.

What to Outsource to the Philippines

Now that we’ve seen why outsourcing to the Philippines is a good idea, what business processes could you outsource there?

Here are some:

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