Information technology and business has always been in a constant state of improvement, with current IT outsourcing trends experiencing dramatic changes over the years in a successful attempt to improve their services and exceed the expectations of clients. With the IT outsourcing sector beginning to become more of a common business strategy all across the globe, we can continue to expect the rise of the following trends that will most likely cause significant shifts in the operations of IT outsourcing companies:

Top IT Outsourcing Trends to Expect in 2021

Security takes centre stage

Security has always been an important aspect, but as it shifts to become the optimal priority, one of the predicted IT outsourced trends is the influence outsourcing strategy in 2021. This will be displayed through new and innovated ways to combat security breaches and protect confidential and sensitive information.

Price Pressure

Competition among IT outsourcing companies has been more intense in recent years and will only continue to intensify in 2021. With many businesses interested in upgrading their key technologies through cloud and analytics, it is expected that many providers of outsourcing IT services will feel the pressure to lower their price in order to attract a favourable share of clients.

Digital transformation

Although many retailers tapping into technology and becoming more savvy and tech-handy can be seen as a good thing for the most part, it’s seen as a major disadvantage to companies offering IT outsourcing services. If more companies and enterprises continue to become familiar with automated, scalable and affordable solutions, there’s a minimal need to outsource the workload. Outsourced IT services thus must rethink their brand image and how to create value to their name in order to still be considered a viable option.

Result Oriented Approach

Speaking of creating value, gone are the days where lowering your quote would be a guarantee spike in customers. Clients these days are looking for an outsourcing company to establish a long term relationship with, making quality of service a main priority over saving a few dollars. IT outsourced trends will see services be exposed to an increased pressure for result-driven outcomes to attract more clients,which takes a little more effort than changing your price digits.

Cloud Computing

According to Markets and Markets, cloud computing is an industry that will be worth as much as $121 billion. As such, in 2021 it is expected that cloud-based technologies will be more commonly optimised in various organisations as a way of competing and differentiating the services they are offering. Those who haven’t embraced this will risk falling behind competition, not just because of failure to keep up with technology trends, but it is also cost efficient compared to manual processes.

Moving towards a centralised system

This is to remove the increasing dependencies on multiple stakeholders. Global companies are looking to dissolve their IT operations and develop their entire IT capabilities into a service service centre for all internal departments. The implication for an outsourcing partner and service providers is that they would need to adapt and blend into the exceedingly networked global service delivery ecosystem, providing a variety of services around the clock and around the world.

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