Starting a venture and developing your product or service requires working quickly and efficiently. You need to ensure your start up offers value in terms of innovation, quality and convenience, even though you have limited resources and may be racing against the competition to be first to market. Anyone who is attempting, has attempted and failed or attempted and succeeded will know this is no easy feat – as a small business owner, you have to be an accountant, advisor, manager, event planner and PR coordinator rolled into one. With each hosting similarly important jobs, it doesn’t take long to be muddled on the playing field. This is where outsourced development comes in – if you’re the quarterback, then your remote workers  is your supportive halfback ready to be passed the ball.

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It can help even the smallest of businesses take off

Pixc provides e-commerce stores with on demand product images editing services, where product images are touched up and given a nice layer of professionalism. Founder Holly Cardew utilised outsourced development,  by deciding to hire a remote staff  to more than 200 people in 12 different countries over the last few years. This has ranged from web development, to graphic design, to media relations and content writing from people stationed at Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia and much more. To her, it’s put value into her business especially during its early days.

“I had done no book-keeping for six months and taxes were due. I decided to try out  Philippines outsourcing,  looking for someone to work 8 – 10 hours per day for the next three days to do my accounts,” she said.

“Now, I still have the same book-keeper based in the Philippines, where I’ve set up an Gmail account for them and forward all my receipts to that. It was definitely worth it.”

Outsourced development provides a catalyst for change in larger businesses

“Large  companies aren’t very good at change,” says  Jane Linder, senior research fellow and associate director of Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Whether it’s changing their business model or implementing innovations, it’s hard work and people don’t get everything they expect.

It’s for this reason that new start ups have the ability to usurp well established companies with a well valued business model that history that dates back a while. Being able to uproot foundations placed ages ago is much harder to do than a new business with an abundance of wiggle room.  To combat this, come forward thinking executives are beginning  to use offshoring methods such as outsourcing Philippines services as a change-management tool to drive major, enterprise-level transformation, such as a shift in competitive position or a major increase in market share or stock price.  Transformational  offshore development  can work since it goes outside for the critical missing piece, drawing on expertise from  a business process outsourcing  company that can hit the ground running.

This can be seen as a faster and more effective strategy than others, such as reengineering or rebranding, explains Linder: “Companies have tended to use mergers and acquisitions to get themselves into new industries and change the boundaries of what they were doing. That’s a very blunt instrument – and hard to do right.  With companies that offer bpo solutions,  you get a finer point on your pencil.

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