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As a successful recruitment agency in Manila, Outsourced understands that hiring the right team of workers is essential to the growth of your business. Staff recruitment Philippines style means that we provide you with only the best quality candidates who possess the right skills and character traits to fit easily into your workplace culture.

This means that we focus on offshore recruitment, finding staff that are essential to the growth and expansion of your business. If you are not familiar with our offshore recruitment services, the following is a short overview of our outsource recruitment processes.

STEP 1: When you have made the decision to invest in recruitment Philippines style by outsourcing additional staff, simply send us as many job descriptions as required to fill your vacancies. We then talk on the phone to finetune your needs, before moving forward.

STEP 2: Next, we research the market space to ensure that we understand the skill set of the staff you need and confirm your company’s budget. The job vacancies are then created and we begin the process of recruitment.  Philippines staff are highly skilled, so it usually doesn’t take us long to start collating a list of the best candidates.

STEP 3: Our expert recruiters use your job descriptions to identify potential candidates who are ideal for offshore recruitment, using our Outsourced Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We also perform advanced searches on LinkedIn and all leading job search sites.

STEP 4: Our recruitment team places ads on LinkedIn and other job sites, as well as across our extensive social media network. We also internally promote all vacancies, place the ads on our Outsourced job website and make use of an excellent referral program.

STEP 5: Once we have collated and assessed all potential candidates at our recruitment agency in Manila, our team screens each candidate during a phone interview and then ranks each of these candidates. We then put together a shortlist of qualified applicants, perform a range of psychological and skill tests, and present your company with a shortlist of ranked candidates.

STEP 6: At this stage, our offshore recruitment services team can help you to assess and select the best candidates to interview or you can make this decision with the assistance of your senior staff. Once you have your final short list of applicants, we schedule video interviews for you, at a time that’s convenient for the interview panel.

STEP 7: Following the video interviews, you select the best candidates for each position at your company. We then perform a full background check contact their referees and when the all-clear is given, we officially present the candidate with a job offer. This ends our outsource recruitment processes, however we now move onto managing your new employees for the duration of their employment; this begins with our HR department commencing the onboarding process.

STEP 8: Our effective retention program includes not only ongoing performance management, but also health benefits, rewards and incentives for excellent work. We also provide monthly team events to keep everyone engaged with your company and your goals.

For assistance organising your company’s recruitment Philippines style, please call us on one of our national or international numbers or sent us an email enquiry