With a move to a more permanent home-based workforce, it makes sense to investigate hiring home-based remote staff in the Philippines. You might not have considered this strategy before, but there are significant benefits that can help your company grow and expand, as follows.

1.    Higher productivity

There have been many studies that have shown increased productivity when remote based or home-based offshore staff are included in a workforce. Whether that’s because these employees are happier working at home or simply due to fewer interruptions and a quieter environment, offshore workers can make a positive impact on your company’s productivity.

2.    Improved work-life balance

Most remote workers appreciate a flexible working day that allows them to easily combine their work and family life. This reduces stress on the family, which results in a better work-life balance for everyone. Happier employees are more dedicated to your company’s goals, increasing productivity and helping your business to grow and expand.

3.    Reduced wages

Home-based outsourcing in the Philippines can save your company up to 75% of the wages you would normally pay local employees. Not forgetting that these remote workers will also save money because they are not commuting to work.

4.    Lower infrastructure costs

Whether your offshore employees are working from home or locally at the Outsourced facility in the Philippines, your company will save a significant amount of money on resources and infrastructure.

5.    Business continuity

When disaster strikes and your in-house employees can no longer work in the office, offshore employees are still able to work and keep your business operating. This strategy will have already helped a lot of business to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6.    Access to the best staff

Outsourced has a large network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who require full-time work in the Philippines. This large talent pool gives you access to some of the very best employees who can help your business grow and expand very quickly.

7.    Less sick leave

When employees work from home or remotely in the Philippines they are less exposed to viruses that can proliferate in the office and on public transport. An improved work-life balance and a less stressful lifestyle all help to keep people healthy and reduce the incidence of sickness.

8.    No commuting

One of the biggest problems for many employees is the time spent commuting to work, which can add hours to their working day. This can lead to increased levels of stress and a drop in morale over time. Home-based offshore staff don’t need to commute, making them much happier in their work.

9.    Higher retention rate

One of the biggest problems for many companies is staff retention. In the Philippines, home-based outsourcing has been shown to improve retention rates because staff have a better work-life balance and are more dedicated to their work. Since it’s also a very cost-effective strategy, hiring offshore professionals makes good business sense as well.

10. Supporting the environment

Less commuting equals reduced pollution on our roads and a smaller carbon footprint for your company. You also need to purchase less infrastructure, IT equipment, stationary and everything else that’s needed to support an in-house team. Hiring offshore staff is an environmentally strategy for your company.

For more information on hiring better staff in the Philippines for your company, call the team at Outsourced today.