Whether it was more beneficial to outsource BPO services or to hire an in-house team has been a perpetual debate ever since the market for software began. Many entrepreneurs praise the merits of offshore software development services whilst others have sworn off it due to horrible experiences, which doesn’t help the budding question: should I engage in an outsourcing partnership or not?

Offshore Software Development

The benefits of outsourcing BPO services overseas


It’s one of the most lucrative advantages to offshore outsourcing, especially for start-up companies with a very limited budget – and for a good reason. Why pay a local developer $150p/hr when you might be able to find an equally capable and educated person for a quarter of the cost from another country? Then the saved costs can be invested into building the company up, increasing its growth and quality rate. However you must take into consideration that more time will need to be dedicated by you when initially building that relationship with your outsourcing partner and ensure you both see eye to eye. After all, they’re not down the hall from your office door available for a quick passing chat.

Short term commitment

An underrated and underappreciated advantage, many people fail to think of the fact that outsourced jobs means that you can hire people for short term projects without any long term commitments and paying the associated costs. Projects like website or app development where you would only need a certain skillset for a limited time period means the right people can be brought in for that selected period and be on their way upon completion. This trumps the idea of an in-house employee whose skills wouldn’t be needed on a permanent basis, yet would require an ongoing salary and any associated costs. And let’s not forget the time dedicated to arduous interviews that – let’s face it – no one wants to sit through.

Better productivity due to diverse geographical presence

This is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to managing productivity. In a typical outsourced project the “parent” team usually resides at a geographical location that has a reasonable time difference to the remote staff team. Thus, this overlapping of time zones can be considered as one of the many outsourcing advantages that many client managers can utilise when pertaining to their offshore staff division’s non-working hours to their own working hours so the product development stays as a constant stream of activity, this speeding up production.

Freedom from technology and update costs

With updates seemingly being presented to the globe every 2 days, it’s impossible to keep up with the latest technology without breaking the bank. By utilising outsourced it services, you allow them to bear the burden of the technology updates costs, whilst you get to pool in that money in another area of the business.

The benefits of hiring full time BPO service employees

Shared Vision

Someone who has been hired with vested options and share the vision you have of the company are much more committed than a freelance developer who’s main priority is maintaining his or her client base, where they are just paid for the hours done. Having someone who’s dedicated to the cause and wants to see the company grow is a powerful resource and will potentially join you in doing whatever it takes to make it happen.


Employees sitting next to you or across the hall have a much better position of keeping in touch with whats going on and can change direction quickly if need be. This is in opposition to remote workers where updates are restricted to allotted time slots or emails, which is of inconvenience if it’s a time-pressing issue. In-house employees also know what challenges the business is facing in other areas due to proximity to the relevant people, and can offer potential solutions or fixes.

The verdict

No two businesses are the same, so no two BPO solutions are the same. Usually the happy medium for successful companies is using a mixture of both – have people you need close to you as your in-house staff whilst job positions where direct and constant communication is not necessary, as your offshore workers. This way you can develop a strong management hierarchy and allocate outsourced staff to your in-house team so you can step back and focus on other business issues.

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