If you want to boost your business’s efficiency and get an upper hand on the competition, back office outsourcing can give you the edge you need. This type of business model where you rely on professional back office outsourced teams gives you the flexibility to expand and contract your staffing levels to perfectly match your business’s activity.

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So for example, if your business is expanding or you are anticipating imminent growth, you can hire more back office marketing support to take the stress of your existing marketing people. Likewise, if your business is growing so big that your staff have problems handling all the HR work, you can hire back office human resources staff, as well as back office finance support to assist with invoices, taxes, payments, and so on. The back office team structure you select depends entirely on your business needs, and more importantly, you can restructure it at a moment’s notice.

The result of back office outsourcing is that you save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring, training and maintaining full-time employees. It’s even more pertinent if your business slows down for a while and you find yourself with more staff then you currently need. In addition, when you outsource labour intensive tasks, your senior staff can refocus on your core business goals. This makes use of their specific skills rather than trying to juggle numerous tasks that can be easily performed by outsourced staff.

You can outsource many different tasks or jobs, but you can start small with just one or two outsourced staff. Some businesses like to employ teams of outsourced employees, all focused on one area of their business (marketing, finances, HR, etc.,) and overseen by an in-house full-time employee who acts as their team leader.

So let’s take a look at the three types of jobs already mentioned above: marketing, finance and human resources. This will give you an idea of how back office outsourcing can help your business to access more staff, whilst expanding and saving a significant amount of money at the same time.

Back office marketing support

Collecting marketing data and structuring a marketing strategy can all be easily outsourced. Whether you need a market researcher, administrative assistant, marketing data analyst or data entry specialist, your in-house marketing manager can put together their own outsourced team to accomplish your goals.

Back office finance support

Accounting, payroll managers, accounts payable and receivable, and even debt collection specialists, all of these positions can be filled by outsourced employees. Your own in-house finance expert can oversee this team, freeing up their own time to work on expanding your business. You can even take on extra staff to help with EOFY tasks or other busy periods created by your successful marketing campaigns.

Back office human resources

Managing recruitment and training new employees, as well as developing ongoing training and performance management are all tasks that can be successfully outsourced. Expanding your HR department helps to increase employee satisfaction and engagement, promoting a positive workplace culture within your company.

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