Back Office Outsourcing - Outsourced Philippines

Do you need to outsource back office activities, but have no idea where to start? Back office outsourcing involves delegating labour intensive administrative tasks, that would otherwise be performed by your own staff, to remote workers employed by a third party. There are three immediate benefits of back office process outsourcing, including access to skilled workers, increased flexibility and scalability, and freedom from rising operational costs.

Outsourcing administration and back office tasks is a growing trend amongst many new start-ups, but it also gives more established businesses a competitive edge as well. Admin tasks that are often outsourced include finance and accounting, data entry, payrolls, HR management, marketing, data management, personal assistant roles, and IT management.

As you can imagine, back office outsourcing can instantly streamline your company and provide the skilled workforce you require to build and grow your business.

Back office outsourcing for growing companies

When you provide your senior staff with the backup they need, they can refocus on your core activities and help to grow and expand your market space. Outsourcing labour intensive tasks is one way to free up your in-house staff from mundane tasks, and instead use their in-depth knowledge of your business to help achieve your company’s goals.

If you are still unsure how your company can benefit from a back office outsource workforce, here is an example that might help you to understand these advantages.

Using back office outsourcing, you can hire an executive assistant to each of your senior  or high-level staff, so that they can refocus on your business goals, rather than on everyday tasks. Responding to emails, managing appointments, event planning, project management and report writing can all be handed over to a remote personal assistant.

To take this even further, your in-house finance manager can benefit from the help of a back office outsource team comprising of a payroll manager and accountant. Your operations team might benefit from an outsourced team leader, data analyst, business analyst, systems analyst, admin assistant and customer support team. Your marketing manager may benefit from an offshore team of digital marketers, researchers, analysts and data entry specialists, as well as their own admin assistants.

Essentially, you are reallocating your company’s workload, keeping your core activities in-house and using a back office outsource workforce for all other tasks.

Back office process outsourcing increases your company’s flexibility

When times are good you can employ more outsourced staff and when times become tough, you can reduce the number of these staff. Outsourcing allows you to increase and decrease your staff very easily without hiring and firing staff and all the associated costs. Back office process outsourcing is ultimately scalable – a feature that makes it very popular amongst a variety of businesses around the world.

Finally, a back office outsource team can reduce your staffing costs by as much as 75% and give you access to a reliable team of employees who are highly skilled and dedicated to your company’s goals. Fore more information on how you can get started with back office outsourcing, please call us on one of our national or international numbers or sent us an email enquiry.