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With working from home becoming a much more viable option for many employees, it’s not much of a stretch to hire a remote recruiter. Essentially, an outsourced recruiter takes over the recruitment processes for your company, finding and interviewing candidates using the internet or phone. You are then presented with a short list of candidates from which you make your final selection. Outsourced recruiters can even take your new employees through an induction and in-house training program, before they commence work. So how can hiring a work at home recruiter help your business save money?

1.    Your recruiter’s infrastructure is provided by Outsourced

For a small business, the person who usually manages your recruitment process is one of your senior staff, whilst for large companies it’s usually someone in your HR department. Regardless of the size of your company, you still need to provide the infrastructure for this employee to run the recruitment drive, interview candidates and take them through the induction process. This can add up to a significant amount of expenditure, which can be a drain on your resources. On the other hand, if you hire a remote recruiter, all the infrastructure they need (computers, software, phones and IT support) are provided by Outsourced. All you do is tell us the particulars of the employees you want to hire and we present you with a shortlist.

2.    You only hire the recruiter for a limited time period

Recruitment drives are a limited time activity, so why hire someone permanently to perform a job that is only needed at irregular intervals? You will need to find work for them when they are not recruiting employees, which usually means some sort of HR role. If this isn’t something that suits your business model, then hiring a temporary recruiter is the sensible option.

A remote recruiter hired from Outsourced is highly experienced, so you won’t have any worries leaving the recruitment process to them. You can hire an outsourced recruiter for the lifetime of your recruitment drive without facing the problems of keeping them on as permanent staff. It’s a great way to leverage a highly skilled worker, whilst not having to outlay a huge investment by permanently hiring a recruiter to hire other people!

3.    Your employees can refocus on core business activities

If one of your senior staff or someone in the HR department are delegated a recruitment role whenever it’s needed, you are taking them away from their core work. This means that they have to stop focussing on work that’s essential to your business and refocus on the process of hiring staff. This business model might not be a problem for your company, however for many businesses this disruption in work flow can become problematical over time. It’s one of the biggest reasons why many companies now outsource their recruitment drives to people who have the experience to do an exemplary job. A remote recruiter allows your senior staff to focus on your business, moving your business forward. This approach can save up to 75% of the costs you would normally incur if you hire an employee whose only role is to recruit other employees.  

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