Outsourcing to the Philippines is a very cost-effective strategy that’s leveraged by many big brand companies. Outsourced has access to a large talent pool of professionals and can provide your company with a wide range of experienced and qualified offshore employees. So if you are unsure whether this is the right move for your organisation, here are ten reasons you might change your mind.

1.    Fluent English speakers

Since the official language of the Philippines is English, it’s no wonder that they speak it fluently. This means that your offshore workers will have no problem explaining complex problems to your staff or discussing intricate issues with your clients. The Philippines is actually the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with approximately 60 million English speakers.

2.    Reduced costs and increased profitability

Outsourcing to the Philippines with Outsourced means that you save money on recruitment, HR and staff salaries. We also provide all the infrastructure and resources your offshore employees need to fulfil their roles with your company, saving you even more money. Profitability is also increased because your ability to service your clients is enhanced as the expertise of your staff expands. With Outsourced you can improve your business efficiencies and service quality, all while saving up to 75% compared to hiring locally.

3.    Scale quickly with flexibility

When you need staff to fill in the gaps of your workforce or grow your business, outsourcing to the Philippines is the solution. When you offshore to the Philippines with Outsourced you don’t have to worry about expensive restrictive operational considerations (infrastructure, office space, security, recruitment, IT support, etc). This gives you access to a flexible talent pool that can fulfil a range of roles within your company. You can scale quickly, cost affordably and with flexibility.

4.    Highly skilled employees

Whether you want an IT specialist, marketing manager, call centre employee or an accountant, outsourcing to the Philippines gives you access to highly qualified, skilled and experienced remote workers. There are over 40 million highly trained people in the workforce in the Philippines and more than 680,000 people graduate from university each year. Outsourced can provide you with one, two or a whole team of remote employees who will be perfectly suited to their roles within your company. Filipinos are renowned for their loyalty and honesty, and for holding themselves accountable to their commitments.

5.    Western culture

With a healthy mix of both Asian and western cultures, you won’t have any problems integrating your offshore workers in the Philippines with your onshore local team. Their fluent English, ethical values and western culture also makes them eminently suited in a vast array of roles including team leaders, management positions and customer service. As a former US colony with a 90% Christian population, the Philippines has a very ‘westernized’ culture. Filipinos are renowned for being Loyal, honest and hard-working.

6.    Improved efficiency

Done right, offshoring can improve your quality and efficiency. With Outsourced you have full control over the staff selection, training, performance management and the processes and systems they should follow. If your focus is on improving the efficiency of your in-house staff, then outsourcing to the Philippines allows repetitive tasks to be performed by offshore workers. For example report writing, research and spreadsheet work can be outsourced to improve the efficiency of your core in-house team. With lower salaries in the Philippines you can also afford to hire and retain the best quality talent available, a luxury that is not as easy afforded when hiring locally. 

7.    24/7 staffing

Operations in the Philippines never stop, with staff working day, mid or night shifts to provide 24/7 services to clients around the world. With a very high work ethic, Filipinos are very happy to work flexible hours and appreciate the opportunity to work with international companies. With lower wages in the Philippines, it’s a lot cheaper to fund a 24/7 operation than it is locally.

8.    Reduce legal liability

 Outsourcing to the Philippines means that your offshore workers are employees of Outsourced so we take care of all the local compliance and provide all the resources and infrastructure the staff need to fulfil their role with your company. This business model significantly reduces your company’s liability to these remote employees.

9.    Data privacy and security regulations

Outsourced is ISO certified in both quality management systems and Information security management. The Philippines government also supports the BPO industry with relevant laws and regulations. For example, we have a Data Privacy Act to ensure that data security complies with international standards and that unauthorised access is denied.

10. Track record in the outsourcing industry

The Philippines was named three times as the Offshoring Destination of the Year by the UK body of National Outsourcing Association. Outsourced is an award-winning offshoring provider and has a proven track record within the outsourcing industry of being one of the most reliable and proficient performers.

If you want to learn more about outsourcing to the Philippines, call the team at Outsourced today.