C++ (or C with classes) is a general-purpose language and an extension to the C programming language. C# (pronounced as C sharp) is a general-purpose programming language, mainly designed for creating programs that execute on the .NET framework. 

While C++ is an object-oriented language, C# is considered a component-oriented programming language. C++ compiles into machine code, while C# compiles to CLR, which is interpreted by ASP.NET. C++ requires you to handle memory manually, but C# runs in a virtual machine which can automatically handle memory management. 

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  • C# Developer
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  • Software Developer (C++)
  • Java/C++ Developer
  • .Net C# / React Full Stack Developer
  • Full Stack Developer (.net, C#)
  • C++ Linux Developer
  • .NET Developer (C# and Angular)
  • C# .Net Developer 

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