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Hiring a remote Application Developer in the Philippines

An Application Developer creates, tests and programs applications (apps) for mobile phones, tablets and computers. Typically, they specialise in a specific development area, such as graphics software, mobile phone applications, accounting software and so on.

They can, however, work across all development areas and operating systems, depending on your needs. This means that you can hire Mobile App Developers, Android Developers or iOS Developers, whichever is more pertinent to your requirements.

They often work alongside data scientists, analysts, graphic designers, UX web designers and specialists to create and upgrade applications for their company’s customers on a regular basis. Application Developers are experts in coding (Java, JavaScript, C++, Python and PHP), as well as any other relevant coding language used by common platforms.

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Their main role encompasses three general areas, as follows.

  • Planning and design.
  • Development and testing.
  • Deployment and support.

Your Application Developer is fully capable of researching gaps in the market and developing apps to leverage these opportunities, as well as managing a team to bring these apps to market. They also possess expert troubleshooting and debugging skills, as well as the ability to identify when updates are required and develop, monitor and deploy these updates. End-user support and training is another of their skills and they can create training videos and respond to requests for support from clients.

Application Developers must also possess up to date knowledge of cybersecurity, along with a thorough understanding of the disruptions that can be caused by Blockchain technology.

Education and skills of an Application Developer

Your Application Developer will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing, Computer Science, Information Science, Software Engineering or related field. They will have a strong understanding of computer languages and excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Attention to detail is another of their traits, as is their ability to work as part of a team or manage their own development team.

Application Developers are self-motivated and highly creative individuals who are also very logical, analytical and curious. They male an excellent addition to your development team whether you are crating apps for computers, mobile phones or tablets.

Outsourced – Providers of experienced Application Developers

Hiring offshore Application Developers in the Philippines is an extremely cost-effective strategy used by thousands of organisations around the world to grow and expand their businesses. With access to a large pool of talented professionals, Outsourced is one of the leading providers of Application Developers in the Philippines.

The team at Outsourced manages both the recruitment and onboarding processes for your company, matching your list of requirements with a shortlist of suitable candidates. Once you have made your selection, your dedicated and full-time Application Developer works locally from our state-of-the-art facility in the Philippines.

We provide all the infrastructure and resources they need to fulfill their role with your organisation, leaving you to oversee their work on a regular basis. Hiring professional staff in the Philippines is a proven strategy that can save your company up to 75% of the costs of hiring locally.

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